Socialism or Capitalism for the next election

I am going to pretend for a moment that we actually have a choice in our elections, and that our economy is not controlled by a 1000 year old monarchy.  I am going to pretend that the central… Read More

The numbers behind the racist drug war

The number of arrests compared to whites and blacks are 10 to 1 arresting far more blacks than whites, despite that both demographics use about the same amount of drugs.

Filming in public what are your rights?

First we must define “what is public”? I know that the law allows for one party consent in more than 10 states.   Utah being one of them, and I know because I have utilized this when dealing with… Read More

The real corporate vampire in our midst

I have been saying this for years about the “medical only” topic in the cannabis legalization movement. So many people have argued with me that if we legalize cannabis, big tobacco will be the main competitor and it… Read More

International Herb – Culture

We love Reggae Sunsplash. This looks like Reggae Sunsplash, but I have no idea where it’s from and the description of the video at YouTube doesn’t say anything about where this is from. My daughters typically get fussy… Read More

Questions regarding the divinity of Christ

There are a lot of belief system that decended from the faith of Abraham.  But they disagree on just a few things. One is the disagreement about who got the birth right Ishmael or Isaac. The other is… Read More

Provo Utah and Salt Lake City Utah Protests : Media Release

Revered Ryan from xCannabis will be holding two rallies in Utah

Law makers working on decriminalizing possession of marijuana

I try to keep up with major marijuana news, so I often visit NORML and CannabisCulture. Right now a bi-partisan bill to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana by adults in being reintroduced: From NORML: “Washington, DC:… Read More

Ode to Border Patrol by Pastor Steve Anderson

I got a kick out of this well written poem to describe the horror imposed on this law abiding Tempe AZ Pastor who was beaten and tazed severly by the borer patrol and dps in Arizona. This man… Read More

Freedom of Religion and Freedom from Religion

[youtube][/youtube] | | | | | I can’t help but agree with what this man said in his speech, about God being at the core of the founding and history and presence of our country. I will note,… Read More