Ed Forchion AKA NJ Weedman acquitted October 18th 2012!

I’ve been following NJ Weedman’s story for years, and I have posted on xCannabis several times about his divine mission. Well he was busted for a pound of weed in May 2012.  On October 18th he was acquitted… Read More

Death for cannabis? Malaysia law requires hanging!

“Death by hanging is the only sentence provided for offenses under Section 39B (1) of the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1952,” said Judicial Commissioner Datuk Akhtar Tahir, reports Bernama, the official Malaysian national news agency.” http://www.tokeofthetown.com/2011/02/malaysia_3_sentenced_to_hang_for_selling_pot_at_mc.php I am… Read More

What : Pat Robertson endorses legalization!

I have been a Christian for over 10 years, and in all of those years of fervor for the Lord I have not considered Pat Robertson one of my spiritual leaders. But millions do consider him someone who… Read More

Conflict in the cannabis law reform ranks

For the past week we have had a lot of division in our movement.  Trying to get laws to pass isn’t easy when everyone on the team are throwing punches at each other. This is my message to: … Read More

Even at the convenience store

Even at the convenience store, people are hesitant to admit it, but eventually fess up to being pro marijuana. One guy acted like I was crazy talking about weed in public like that.   I told him more about… Read More

420 Earth Day Benefit for I-1068

Come to the I-1068 Earth Day benefit, $5 suggested donation (to help legalize weed in WA) Reefer Madness is so funny, especially knowing that the government seriously thought this would work, back in the 30’s!  It probably did… Read More

Jack Herer the Hemperor passes away today April 15th 2010, Happy Trails!!

Hats off to you Jack for all of the work that you did to free the weed.  You are a true humanitarian and you live on in your work. This tokes for you bro!  Wish I had met… Read More

Philly Chapter Report for 3/19/09

Philly Chapter Report This was a regular meeting on the schedule. Things here in Philly are ramping up..big time.  Our local State Rep. Mark Cohen will introduce a MMJ bill this month! I have a meeting planned at… Read More

When Reality Meets Misconception

My foray into the realm of medical marijuana began with a simple visit to our newly-opened patient center in Olympia. At first, I was not sure what to expect, as this was really the last place I would… Read More