DEA Raids in Spokane 4/28/11 footage

The DEA as well as local agencies decided that they would take the medicine away that patients desperately need in Spokane on 4/28/11.   The agents raided 4 different dispensaries and have threatened the landlords of all others. It… Read More

Word Is Bond – Someone Always wants to be someone

After having many friendships and several business relationships fail I have looked back to figure out what went wrong. To me it always comes down to egos.  It comes down to someone wanting to be someone that either… Read More

Adverts for friends

I’ve been meaning to for a long time now do some kind of a story on Herbal Medical Providers in Spokane.  I have been being blessed by their medicine for the last few months, and I am impressed… Read More

New Canna-Business opening it’s doors March 10th in Spokane

Emerald Sun Inc.  “Makers of Green Business Products” is opening it’s doors March 10th 2010. We will have a small get together and introduce our services to anyone interested. We are going to start our business as a… Read More