DEA back at it in Spokane, the one last true coop is getting raided!

I have gotten word that the one last true coop in Spokane is being raided right now. Medical Herb Providers at 306 North Freya St., Spokane WA is being raided as we speak. The report from the store… Read More

When civil rights movements become divided

Starting in 2009 which was shortly after the raid on CHANGE dispensary in Spokane WA, there was a notion for a petition drive to legalize cannabis on a ballot initiative. The group was Sensible Washington. I had been… Read More

Happy 420!!!

This is whats going on tomorrow! Lots on the table so see the calendar for the best details. 4/20 state wide! If you are in to getting signatures and securing your cannabis freedom in Washington state. Then hit… Read More

Local shout outs Spokane for April 2011

Local shout outs Spokane  for April 2011   1. Scott Shupe’s trial coming up April 12th, its on the calendar (we love what Scott did for this community!) 2. Reggae Festival 4/20, its on the calendar  (signatures!!)… Read More

New groups are sprouting up all over for i1149

New groups are sprouting uip all over for Initiative 1149. We are so happily inspired by the work of individuals all over Washington state for getting signatures for i-1149. This is a new site dedicated to Initiative 1149; … Read More

I-1149 Meeting on April 1st 2011 Spokane WA

This is our open/public meeting for the I-1149 petition drive. Our Spokane meetings take place Friday nights at 7pm. Our mission is to put petitions in to people’s hands. Tonight we had two people come to the meeting… Read More

Updates from xCannabis 3/31/11 Updates on SB 5073 and I-1149

I have been working hard on two aspects of marijuana law in Washington. On one side I am working on seeing SB 5073 change or DIE because of it’s potential to harm my rights as a medical marijuana… Read More

There is a price for freedom, it’s called responsibility.

Recently I made a decision to start meeting about faith and teaching about my prospective on the universe and the creator. I have no formal training and I have no plans to make a formal religion.  But I… Read More

Updates for I-1149 3/18/11

There are a lot of great things to announce about I-1149. We are getting the petitions TODAY! Firday 3/18/11 We will also have signs and t-shirts available for donation of $15 for either (sign or shirt) There are… Read More

Sensi Life Radio March 5th 2011, Sense in Washington

This weeks Saturday Podcast I took a vacation from all of my other obligations this week, and for the last 7 days I have been working almost solely on the legalization effort in Washington.   We have… Read More