Self Defense laws being threatened

There have been a lot of stories that have been blasted in all of our main stream media sources and in our government as of late. Never has there been a time in my life or in the… Read More

NORML Loses it’s cool – Reply to the Sensible Washington article from Feb 29th

I have been a supporter of full legalization for a very long time, including the controversial Proposition 19 in California. During Proposition 19 there was a lot of negative emotions stirred up, and there was a lot of… Read More

Reply to NORML Live 2nd hour February 24th 2012 – Those who would trade liberty for security

NORML Live 2nd hour February 24th 2012 – Reverend Ryan’s Response I have had a lot of conversations with NORML and the ACLU in Washington about Initiative 502, and the negative provisions in the initiative.   I detail my… Read More

Cannabis is legalized in Utah for religious use

In a recent ruling for a Utah based Native American Church, earth based plants including cannabis is legal for religious usage. After a 11 year case, and after getting their peyote chief back that the police took hostage… Read More

Roger Christie locked up for over a year now without bail and without conviction

For over one year now the US government as attempted to make a dreary example of what happens to you if you choose to participate in a religion that is not of their liking.  For over one year… Read More

Make your own media! Updates from Reverend Ryan 07/07/2011

Make your own media! Updates from Reverend Ryan 07/07/2011 Taking a hiatus soon for baby #3. The last baby for us. =) Also working on the HempDome. So I will be more active later this year. In this… Read More

I love that they are coming out in favor of legalization

I love that they (politicians) are coming out in favor of legalization, but what is with such overwhelming support all of the sudden? Are they worried about something? (15 minutes) and (45 seconds)   (we’ve… Read More

People’s initiatives vs. Congressional Bills

For a very long time I have been in favor of supporting strictly people’s initiatives. I learned after supporting congressional bills in the past just how they change by the final vote, and how that usually ends up… Read More

Sensi Life Radio going on hiatus

There are seasons for everything.  It is now the season for Reverend Ryan of Sensi Life radio to take this season seriously.  It is a season in my wife’s and my life where we are preparing for a… Read More

Sensi Life Show 2/5/11 Community Radio at its best!

This Saturday we are planning for our biggest and best show yet. We are going to have a 2 hour show with multiple guests. The lineup is looking like this: Hosts: Reverend Ryan xCannabis Pastor Ray Christl of… Read More