DEA FDA and NIDA want cannabis rescheduled

Caucus on International Narcotics Control June 24th 2015

For years the DEA, the FDA and many prohibitionists have covertly and sometimes as in this case petitioned for cannabis to be taken out of Schedule I, and taken into Schedule II in the Federal Controlled Substances Act…. Read More

Jason Karimi of has an ever changing story

Over a year has passed since my interview with Jason Karimi.  I find his changing blog story funny. Reference to the show:   Now on his blog at:   He says a few things that… Read More

To reschedule or to unschedule cannabis

reschedule or to unschedule cannabis

What does rescheduling mean to the current cannabis community?

It is well known that the DEA, and the FDA are looking at rescheduling cannabis. There are also many groups in Washington that are calling for rescheduling cannabis as well. I watched a hearing on SB 5955, and… Read More

The prohibitionists are calling for rescheduling cannabis SB 5955 WA

The prohibitionists want it to be rescheduled as Schedule II, to give it to Big Pharma (Don Pierce, and John Snaza? both cops). Of course they want it rescheduled. It takes it away from ma and pa, and… Read More