Roger Christie will likely spend his 3rd Christmas locked up

This is just a way to scare people away from the THC Ministry, from God, from Cannabis, and from supporting Roger. The “danger to the community” statement is illogical. And they say that “even though he is innocent… Read More

If you are Libertarian are you an anarchist? If you an anarchist are you a libertarian?

If you are Libertarian are you an anarchist? If you an anarchist are you a libertarian? Here is a link to my reference from the video: Updated: This is a video that I made about:… Read More

What are spiritual beliefs compared to religious beliefs

I have a particularly difficult time with people who think belief in God automatically means a membership with a religion. I have to correct this totally unreasonable belief. When I was a kid I was brought up in… Read More

Second response to Keith Stroup about Cannabis and Religion

Reply To NORML’s Keith Stroup on Religious Use of Cannabis v2 I have made two of these in the last week because Keith has released two broadcasts on this subject, and I think he is misrepresenting or misunderstanding… Read More

Another case of mob mentality Vancouver riots

I think it is ironic how in a time where I am very critical of mob mentality, lobby’s and group thinking, that this riot would happen during something as petty as a hockey game!  Seriously, a hocky game?… Read More

Cannabis Faith

Chris Bennett and THC Ministries at the Free American radio show

Another hour of THC Ministries at the Free American radio show This is an interview with Chris Bennet a legendary scholar on religion and entheogens. This is Chris’s site: Even though Ive already posted this several… Read More

Christian pot advocate, one of few or one of many?

In my life, I have had trials and pains, and adversity. I don’t think Im unique this way, as most people have these things in their lives. But when I was a young tattooed, rowdy youth I was… Read More

Roger Christie’s THC Ministry Raided by the DEA?

If what I am hearing is true, then I think Roger Christie may be facing some tribulation, and I wanted to just offer up a prayer from his home page. God, that’s great! Please show us the blessings… Read More

Freedom Rally in Salt Lake City July 25th, marijuana legalization in Utah!

Shawn Fluewelling is facing felony charges for simply possessing marijuana in his home in Boise Idaho last year. Shawn Fluewelling is a minister of the THC Ministry Hawai’i. (, and was ordained by Roger Christie. Cannabis is his… Read More

Freedom of Religion and Freedom from Religion

[youtube][/youtube] | | | | | I can’t help but agree with what this man said in his speech, about God being at the core of the founding and history and presence of our country. I will note,… Read More