Brett Hamil Puff Puff Pass the blame for shitty laws

Brett Hamil Puff Puff Pass the blame for shitty laws #bretthamil #hempfest

This is my response to Brett Hamil about I-502 and Hempfest.  > Brett Hamil obviously doesn’t know shit about the law, or legalization, or the vested interests behind I-502. 1. Brett says I-502 legalized cannabis.  That is… Read More

If cannabis is legal in Washington, why is it still a schedule one drug?

If cannabis is legal in Washington why is it still schedule one?

People keep asking me questions about why I think cannabis is still illegal in WA. First and foremost, cannabis is STILL a schedule one drug on the WASHINGTON Controlled Substances Act (CSA) as well as the Federal CSA…. Read More

Serving one patient at any one time, removed (Section 404 of SB 5073)

This is a topic that has been a concern since we all protested the raid at CHANGE in Spokane in 2009. According to the Washington voters that passed I-691 in 1998, a provider could provide medicine to one… Read More

Fare thee well, Rev Ryan from Washington

This is a few of the concerns that I have currently in Washington.  I am still a resident and I plan on coming back. So first of all I wanted to post this about SB 5073 from April… Read More

About the downfall of SB 5073

The thing that is better about our current law, is that the doctor rights are preserved and SB 5073 won’t be hacking out the protections that doctors have. SB 5073 in Section 301 even AFTER Cody’s amendment, still… Read More

Legalization xCannabis update March 12th 2011

The new initiatives have been assigned the numbers 1148 and 1149. * In the first, marijuana is dropped from the list of controlled substances for adults only. * In the second, a new Section 6 has been added,… Read More