Seattle Pridefest Open Carry

Gay Open Carry Activists – Happy ending

I typically do not use the two terms “Gay Activists” and “Happy Ending” in the same title, or in the same sentence.  But in this case it is appropriate. Several days ago, I wrote about the Gay Open Carry… Read More

More about “Cannabis use is Medical Only” vs. Liberty

Regulations via Medical only  VS  Full Legalization I explore the idea of “All Cannabis use is Medical Use” and what the restrictions and regulations do to us in this method of trying to preserve our rights. I disagree… Read More

Spokane has heart! Protest at the city council meeting tonight!

I did not find out about this problem via the traditional means.  I had not learned of the details I should say, however the problem with Spokane police is obvious.   From the “Golden Goose Fund” whistle blower that… Read More

Getting arrested for excercising free speech in Utah

I am trying to gather video from my arrest today, to show exactly how I was abused and how my rights were violated by the Springville Utah. I asked several folks to film what happened and they did…. Read More

Its not called The Zion Curtain for nothing!

I was protesting today in Springville Utah today and I was arrested. It was during the Art City Days parade, and since I didn’t get my permit for my megaphone, I left that in the car and walked… Read More

Thanks to All Who Fight

Back from the Hill My name is Adam, I live in northwestern WA State. I smoke weed nearly every day because I like to get high and according to my girl it helps a lot with my stress and attitude…. Read More

Footage from the Protest In Spokane for Dispensaries

This is the footage that I got from the Inland Northwest NORML website from the protest in Spokane regarding the closing of 7 medical marijuana dispensaries in Spokane:

Memorial Day, Marijuana POW’s

I have been a Prisoner of War in this “War on Drugs”. As a teenager, when I was just beginning my life I was locked up and heavily fined for doing nothing more than possessing a harmless plant…. Read More

A spring of protesting in the Zion Curtain

Last month marked a new showing of support for marijuana legalization in South East Idaho. There have clearly been a lot of support throughout the rest of Idaho for Marijuana legalization.  Including Hailey Idaho which have twice passed… Read More

When you can’t get heard

I have went through a dry spell in the beginning of my campaign to legalize marijuana for responsible adult usage. No matter how many magazines, newspapers, and television stations that I write, I have had little media for… Read More