My medical marijuana recommend

I have serious enough medical conditions that I could probably get a medical marijuana recommend in some of the more restrictive states that have medical marijuana laws.  But I have continued to vow to let my recommend expire…. Read More

Patient Rights vs. Affirmative Defense in California

What is the difference between patient’s rights and affirmative defense, and how has medical marijuana affected patients and cannabis consumers in California?   Under medical marijuana in California, there has been a 3 fold increase in arrests. Under… Read More

History: Revisiting the Prop 19 debate

I was someone who was in favor of Proposition 19 with some reservations.  However if I would have been in California at the time of the Prop19 vote, I would have most certainly vote for it. But I… Read More

Conflict in the cannabis law reform ranks

For the past week we have had a lot of division in our movement.  Trying to get laws to pass isn’t easy when everyone on the team are throwing punches at each other. This is my message to: … Read More

Taxing medicine is immoral.

This is a point that I hear from the opposing side of Prop19. A no on 19er said this to me in a conversation about why he opposes Prop19 today. “”Taxing medicine is immoral. Why are you trying… Read More

Nitch market and high profits

My response to the latest No On Prop19 people’s B.S. ?Joy says:  – ” it is irrelivent other than to say their decision stands, other than the handful of you mis-led blindly following 19 like sheep, Insisting on… Read More