My medical marijuana recommend

I have serious enough medical conditions that I could probably get a medical marijuana recommend in some of the more restrictive states that have medical marijuana laws.  But I have continued to vow to let my recommend expire…. Read More

To those who voted No on Prop 19

If Prop 19 was before me right now, I would vote for it. I don’t like the taxation part of it, in that it would allow for excessive taxation.  I believe you’re right about leaving that door wide… Read More

Taxing medicine is immoral.

This is a point that I hear from the opposing side of Prop19. A no on 19er said this to me in a conversation about why he opposes Prop19 today. “”Taxing medicine is immoral. Why are you trying… Read More

Tyranny prevails even longer in California

Now that all that California has is Prop 215, which doesn’t protect recreational users, it doesn’t give a platform for hemp, and doesn’t further the cause.  California can also look forward to having an AG that will rape the MMJ… Read More

Proposition 19 to the Stoners Against Legalization

This is a long conversation about Prop 19. I want to make sure we are all accountable here in one year, to the claims and efforts we made one way or another. So many in this conversation are… Read More

Yes on 19, No to Cartels

A random facebook message that came to my inbox Adam Walsh October 24 at 2:38pm Report Hey I saw you support Prop 19.Just letting people know that it will actually make pot more illegal. Swartzeneger just made possession… Read More

Legalization opponent gets stung by prohibition

“Paul E. Ellis, 52, was described by detectives as eager and talkative when they approached him at his dispensary, Med Mar Dis, at 7604 E. Sprague Ave., last month. He showed them his marijuana, explained how he tracks… Read More

Vote YES on Prop 19! Legalize Marijuana 2010

I am not currently a California resident, but I own property in California, and I grew up there off and on. We will be moving back to Cali within the next 12 months, and this is partially why. … Read More

Devils advocate; Prop19 does not exempt cannabis medicine from taxes

This is the statement I often get from opponents of Prop 19. “Proposition 19 does not exempt patients from taxes” My answer: If Proposition 215 doesn’t already do that, then Proposition 19 won’t change anything. Medical marijuana is… Read More

Why I support Prop19

I have vested interests California politics. Since I will be living there by year’s end again, and since I am a cannabis consumer. You don’t have to worry about my opinion, as you likely have your own on… Read More