Today is the day for freedom in California

Today will always be remembered as ganja freedom day once Prop 19 passes! I hope I dont have to rant about the anti-Prop 19 people any more. I get frustrated with them. If this passes, I won’t be… Read More

As a father, I support Proposition 19

I love this ad, it really hits home.  I don’t want my kids using any substances until they are out of school, and prepared for any related consequences. I think 18 is a good age for young adults… Read More

If all of the stoners in the world has as much balls as Zach Galifianakis

If all of the stoners in the world has as much balls as Zach Galifianakis, we’d already have our freedom! Zach Galifianakis fires up a real joint on the Bill Maher show in support of Proposition 19 in… Read More

Three weeks until ganja freedom in California!

There is roughly 3 weeks left until the voters of California approve Proposition 19, and freedom is re-realized in California! I urge everyone concerned about freedom to use the tools at Fire Dog Lake to call fellow voters… Read More

Vote YES on Prop 19! Legalize Marijuana 2010

I am not currently a California resident, but I own property in California, and I grew up there off and on. We will be moving back to Cali within the next 12 months, and this is partially why. … Read More

Socialism in the USA, how the drug war gains support

It is truly sad to me to see so many people misunderstand what socialism is all about. I recently have read an article about socialism by Milton Friedman titled “The Drug War as a Socialistic Enterprise“. I had… Read More

Why to legalize according to the youth – Prop 19

Why should we legalize? I don’t know who this kid is, but he makes a lot of sense.

Devils advocate; Prop19 does not exempt cannabis medicine from taxes

This is the statement I often get from opponents of Prop 19. “Proposition 19 does not exempt patients from taxes” My answer: If Proposition 215 doesn’t already do that, then Proposition 19 won’t change anything. Medical marijuana is… Read More

California to legalize, how will that impact pharmers?

PLEASE do not ever vote for a law that will forbid individuals from growing their own! It’s a weed, it should be allowed to grow like one. Like God intended!