Ron Paul Donald Trump Ticket

Could there be a Donald Trump and Ron Paul ticket for 2016?

With it seeming as though Trump is going to be the candidate for the Republican nomination, there are rumors of who Trump will pick for his VP, and for his cabinet. There have been some stranger tickets in… Read More

Why I will not vote for or support a Mormon presidential candidate

From a Mormon fellow: “You have told us we are not worthy of your support, regardless of our struggles with you.” Valid point (name concealed) and I doubt you’ll find the same cold shoulder from every liberty minded… Read More

What is a libertarian?

what is a libertarian

The media finally admits that Ron Paul has won 5 states

It was a big media spectacle when first they thought Mitt Romney won Iowa, then Rick Santorum, but now that the delegates have been counted it is obvious who won Iowa now 4 months after the voting!… Read More

Ron Paul is winning caucases right and left!

Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance? Ron Paul is winning the caucuses right and left. Nevada, Iowa, likely Maine and a few others once everything is settled. The Virgin Islands was a bit surprising too. He won the… Read More

Adam Vs. the Man Lessons in Liberty being interviewed by children

Filmed at the Ron Paul headquarters in Norman, Oklahoma. From their Mother: Our daughters & their best friend recently interviewed Iraq War Veteran, Adam Kokesh. Adam is currently the Anchor of “Adam VS The Man” Internet Show…. Read More