Fighting Against Dumb laws, Im letting my MMJ recommend expire

In this broadcast I talk about how many dumb laws effect our every day lives without us even knowing. I talk about how many thousands of new laws are put against the people in the USA every year…. Read More

How to fund an initiative without money?

I have just completed a blog post about what bitcoin is, and how it differs from standard currency used in today’s markets that are typically controlled by a central bank or a central government. Where as bitcoin is… Read More

Questions about Washington initiatives

Ive heard recently about people collecting signatures for a number of petitions in WA.  Specifically interested in the conversation that Gina Cargile brought up about the petitions that her brother saw getting signed, for NAW (I-502). I am… Read More

Twenty six year old man gets 57 months in prison for a schedule II drug

The debate regarding the future of cannabis as we know it started last year when Oregon rescheduled cannabis as a schedule II drug. “A schedule I drug means that it has no medicinal value that is recognized,” said Lane… Read More

Sensible Washington announced that are PAYING petitioners!

From the Sensible Washington Facebook Wall: “We’re happy to announce the ability to pay signature gatherers going forward! Anyone who sends or hands in signatures before July 5th will be able to receive $.10 per valid signature if… Read More

Conscious Culture Gathering 2011

If you are in Washington this is a great place to help get I-1149 on the ballot. Thousands of signatures can be gathered. John and Kim Novak, Don Skakie and several other volunteers will be there and they… Read More

Standing up or sitting down

Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of the day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers (adminstrators) too plainly proves a deliberate,… Read More

New direction for xCannabis and Sensi Life

After a long and troubled road that we have driven on this I-1068 and I-1149 petition drive.  We have some sad news and some happy news to report. So far between last year and this year we have… Read More

I-1149 Meeting on April 1st 2011 Spokane WA

This is our open/public meeting for the I-1149 petition drive. Our Spokane meetings take place Friday nights at 7pm. Our mission is to put petitions in to people’s hands. Tonight we had two people come to the meeting… Read More

Updates from xCannabis 3/31/11 Updates on SB 5073 and I-1149

I have been working hard on two aspects of marijuana law in Washington. On one side I am working on seeing SB 5073 change or DIE because of it’s potential to harm my rights as a medical marijuana… Read More