The Russ Belville Show starts June 4th 2008

Recently the NORML Network was cancelled. Since then Russ has been regrouping to do the Russ Belville show. In an article on his website dated May 19th 2012, Russ asks “What would you like to see in The… Read More

Ian Moody for US Congress? I am concerned about his plan.

Ian Moody for U.S. Congress in Washington State?  I think this deserves a serious discussion. I have known of Ian Moody since April 2010, and I am sad to say that ever since I met him, he has… Read More

Standing together vs. falling apart

One thing that warlords, politicians and religious leaders who have been known in history for oppressing other peoples have in common is there ability of weakening their enemy through dividing them internally. This is well known and regularly… Read More

Devils advocate; Prop19 does not exempt cannabis medicine from taxes

This is the statement I often get from opponents of Prop 19. “Proposition 19 does not exempt patients from taxes” My answer: If Proposition 215 doesn’t already do that, then Proposition 19 won’t change anything. Medical marijuana is… Read More