About the standard of currency and the alternatives

For the last decade or so I have been researching the prices of alternative currencies to the United States Federal Reserve dollar  (USD).  I have researched gold and silver and in the last two years I have been… Read More

Patient’s records taken in Washington raids

I feel horrible about what has happened in Spokane, and my heart goes out to the sick and dieing in Washington who just lost their sources of medicine.  But let me just point out that some of what… Read More

New direction for xCannabis and Sensi Life

After a long and troubled road that we have driven on this I-1068 and I-1149 petition drive.  We have some sad news and some happy news to report. So far between last year and this year we have… Read More

Emerald POS still helping dispensaries, with freebies

We are still operating Emerald POS (www.emeraldpos.com), in hopes to help dispensaries and lower operating costs and set up costs. We started Emerald POS when the police in Spokane started misinterpreting the language  in I-692, where the police… Read More