What has xCannabis been up to since 2013

In May of 2013 the editor and author of most of the blogs on this website (me Ryan Thompson), was in a horrible car accident that nearly claimed my life.  It did claim the life of the drunk… Read More

Passive Aggressive Activism

I have participated in all kinds of approaches to activism over the years.   Mostly anything to do with giving freedom and liberty to people.   I started out with the “it’s my body, I’ll do what I want” as… Read More

Roger Christie will be allowed to use religious defense in court

After three years in a federal detention without bail for the alleged crime of cultivation and distribution of cannabis, it has been decided that Roger Christie and his wife Share Christie will be able to use their religious… Read More

Radical ways of pushing legalization

So for many many years I listened to Russ Belville talking about “Legalize if for everyone”.  “Medicalization of marijuana is regressive”.   There were a whole lot of catch phrases used, personal insults dealt, and the main goal was… Read More

Thoughts on family, gay marriage, political separations plus I get pulled over by the cops!

On my way home from a long trip with my family, I talk about the recent issues in life. I had a few thoughts on the Dan Cathy/Gay Marriage issue. So I talk about why I stand up… Read More

The Russ Belville Show starts June 4th 2008

Recently the NORML Network was cancelled. Since then Russ has been regrouping to do the Russ Belville show. In an article on his website dated May 19th 2012, Russ asks “What would you like to see in The… Read More


I am sad to say that the NORML live show got cancelled according to Russ Belville in a blog post and a vlog post today 05/14/2012. Though, I am glad he is going to continue the Daily NORML… Read More

My response to Marc and Jodie Emery about I-502

A clip from Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Magazine blog post : Marc’s US Prosecutor Pushes for Legalization; Exclusive Newspaper Articles about Marc & Prison Life by Marc Emery – Saturday, April 28 2012 http://cannabisculture.com/v2/node/30683 The great news continues…. Read More

Ron Paul Speech To National Organization For The Reform Of Marijuana Laws Or NORML (1988)

Ron Paul Speech To National Organization For The Reform Of Marijuana Laws Or NORML (1988) June 17, 1988 NORML http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/3003-1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44KifdsrMu4

CA AB 2552 – DUI provisions becoming a major trend

Less than a month ago (Feb 17th) NORML endorsed I-502 officially. Shortly after that two more states jumped on the bandwagon in a away. These two states jumping on the bandwagon are only jumping on to the DUID… Read More