HempFest 2012 Protesteval

There was a lot of emotion at Hempfest this year.  There are several initiatives that were collecting signatures, there was also two camps that were there to represent for one side or the other on I-502.  In fact… Read More

Jury Nullification or Mutiny?

I have heard a lot about this from former drug enforcement officer Barry Cooper, it’s called jury nullification.  This is proof that it works!  If the people of the jury refuse to pass judgment, deal sealed.  Prohibition is… Read More

Fourth of July report from Reverend Ryan

We had a great time at Riverfront Park in Spokane I was able to freely speak my mind at the Tea Party assembly at the park today (without a permit).  That was refreshing after going to jail for… Read More

Great news report on I-1068

This is from a few months back, but how wonderful it is to get a wiff of this kind of freedom.  We are almost there people!