Doing a few shows on

I decided to schedule some regular shows on BlogTalkRadio.   I will have a Sunday show scheduled for 8am PST every Sunday unless otherwise noted in advance.   I will also be doing a regular Saturday show at 4pm, that… Read More

Prohibition vs. the survival of your average teenager?

This is a very real and very serious epidemic, and Utah seems to be leading the nation with these problems of teen suicide and excess prescription drug abuse. It is my opinion that the police in Springville Utah… Read More

Music from my childhood

When I was a rough tough teen, this was my cup of java. Social Distortion made it to the top of the 90’s most sought punk rock bands, getting regularly booked at little and large gigs that were… Read More

When you can’t get heard

I have went through a dry spell in the beginning of my campaign to legalize marijuana for responsible adult usage. No matter how many magazines, newspapers, and television stations that I write, I have had little media for… Read More

Going to HempFest in IDAHO!

To my great surprise, there will be a HempFest in my home state of Idaho!!    Here are the details! Saturday, April 18: Moscow Hempfest, 10 am to dark in Moscow, Idaho. Come to the heart of Northern Idaho… Read More

Cannabis Music: An open letter to President Obama

[youtube][/youtube] Gotta love when a good, unknown artist releases a powerful song such as this!  This is the message of our generation!  Legalize cannabis now! Barack, you’re no stranger to the bong…  Check out   &

Music section

On I used to play a lot of music.  Still do when I feel like being the UtahPirate now and then. Anyway, I will start posting in a new music category from now on.  Those posts will… Read More