Is Initiative 502 in Washington REALLY legalizing marijuana? – Logical Fallacy

There are 12 states already that have decriminalized marijuana to some extent. This means you don’t get a criminal record, you don’t go to jail, and you don’t get blood drawn for possessing less than a certain amount,… Read More

John Novak Interview Jan 29th @ 4pm PST

“If me going public like this keeps even one other person from having to go through this, it’ll be worth it,” he said. We are honored to have John on our Saturday show, the day after he… Read More

Why should marijuana dispensaries support Prop 19

I put together this video of what I believe marijuana dispensaries have interest in legalizing marijuana via Prop 19. I have to admit there are things that I don’t like about Prop 19 myself.  I dont agree with… Read More

NAACP Endorses legalizing marijuana

The NAACP endorses legalizing marijuana in California this year. Much of the marijuana arrests are made on minorities in California. But that shouldn’t be the ONLY reason the NAACP cares. But Im glad that they at least… Read More

Plea to Utah authorities

I am a Utah native, I was born there, I went to school there, I opened up my first storefront on Main St. in Springville, and much of my family still lives in Springville Utah.   I visit… Read More

Douglas Hiatt on I-1068, sounds like heaven!

I just want to thank Dougals Hiatt  and those who are working on I-1068!  Thank you so much! This is Douglas Hiatt on King5 News talking about I-1068 and legalizing marijuana in Washington. These are great facts! This… Read More