DEA Raids in Spokane 4/28/11 footage

The DEA as well as local agencies decided that they would take the medicine away that patients desperately need in Spokane on 4/28/11.   The agents raided 4 different dispensaries and have threatened the landlords of all others. It… Read More

SB 5073 as passed in the house

Well a lot of the things that I feared about this bill passed. I had hoped that the dispensary system would remain strong in competition in hopes that we would eventually see the effects of the free market. … Read More

Spokane patients scared out of their medicine

It looks like more government fear mongering to cheat patients out of their meds, and force many back in to the black market.   “MARIJUANA STORES VIOLATE FEDERAL LAW” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 06, 2011 Spokane – Today,… Read More