NJ Weedman Jury Nullification

NJ Weedman gets his medicine by mail (Cannabis delivery)

I have been following NJ Weedman lately again.  It has been a few months since I have paid much attention to anything but healing from my accident.  But I have watched NJ Weedman as he has been getting… Read More

NJWeedman in Court for RETRIAL, prayers around the world for NJ WEED MAN!

FIJA Pamphleting – Burlington County Courthouse Wednesday, October 10 at 7:45am – Tuesday, October 16 at 11:00am in EDT Burlington County Court House 49 Rancocas Road Mount Holly, New Jersey 08060 More information about Jury Nullification; Fully Informed… Read More

NJWeedman on Jury Nullification

I am glad to hear so much about this.  As of recently two people that I highly respect, Barry Cooper of Kopbusters, and NJWeedman (Edward Forcion) are talking about – jury nullification -. Jury nullification occurs in a… Read More

Jury Nullification or Mutiny?

I have heard a lot about this from former drug enforcement officer Barry Cooper, it’s called jury nullification.  This is proof that it works!  If the people of the jury refuse to pass judgment, deal sealed.  Prohibition is… Read More