Cannabis is not a drug ITS AN HERB!

Sensi Life Morning Show Legalization vs. Medicalization Talking about our friend Jerry Laberdee in Spokane, and his hunger strike from jail. Also talking about how medical marijuana laws effect cannabis consumers, and penalties. Touched again on rescheduling cannabis… Read More

Regulate Cannabis Like Wine 2012 initiatives to legalize cannabis in California

Regulate Cannabis Like Wine 2012 initiatives to legalize cannabis in California In this video I talk about the two proposed initiatives in California for 2012. Both of these initiatives have lingo about “regulating cannabis like wine”. I talk… Read More

How will I-1149 put people back to work?

We are volunteering to help push through I-1149 in Washington state, and we believe that it will put many people back to work. We had a question from a Craiglist reader about “How”. I think there are many… Read More

Even at the convenience store

Even at the convenience store, people are hesitant to admit it, but eventually fess up to being pro marijuana. One guy acted like I was crazy talking about weed in public like that.   I told him more about… Read More

Earth Day 2010

It is earth day in about 1 hour.  This is one of my favorite and in my opinion one of the most important holidays of the year. I have been celebrating the  earth in my own unique ways… Read More

Jack Herer the Hemperor passes away today April 15th 2010, Happy Trails!!

Hats off to you Jack for all of the work that you did to free the weed.  You are a true humanitarian and you live on in your work. This tokes for you bro!  Wish I had met… Read More

Douglas Hiatt on I-1068, sounds like heaven!

I just want to thank Dougals Hiatt  and those who are working on I-1068!  Thank you so much! This is Douglas Hiatt on King5 News talking about I-1068 and legalizing marijuana in Washington. These are great facts! This… Read More

xCannabis Updates for September – October 2009

Here are a few updates that you should know about. I will be in Provo Utah, Protesting at the 4th District Court on Monday October 12th 2009 from 2pm to 4:19pm. 125 N 100 W, Provo, UT? View… Read More

The end can also be a new beginning

It has been a sad day today, learning of two sad loses. First of all, as a family shoutout. We lost our cousin today Carlos. Who died at a very young age as a passenger of a car… Read More

Jack Herer on the Marijuana Monkeys

I did a broadcast back in May when we lived in Idaho.  Its the broadcast that I have stored at from the end of May 2009. In the middle of that broadcast, I mentioned this marijuana/monkey study… Read More