Maine finally legalizes hemp!

Maine finally legalizes hemp when the legislature overrides governor’s veto. Since the second World War, Hemp has not been grown legally on American soil for commercial purposes.   With a change in Maine law via LD4 in the… Read More

Viability of an eco-fiendly fuel like hemp diesel – Maine Legalizes Industrial Hemp farming

With all of the many thousands of oil spoils, and now the fracking that is causing so many health problems. My solution to this is;    A company that my wife and I are starting, to utilize… Read More

Emerald See Hemp Eiquid

So I go in to a headshop today, and freak one of the locals out

So just for the record.  I ALWAYS talk about Hemp.  I have many motives, many reasons, just like about everyone in the world with a head on their shoulder. But let me explain something to you.  I would… Read More

Sensi Life Radio – Sensible Washington and Sensible South Dakota

Today on Sensi Life Radio we will be speaking about the Sensible movements in both Washington and South Dakota. Interviewing Darbe Hagemen and Heath Juhnke. Darby is a volunteer with Sensible Washington and we are learning about their… Read More

Sensible Washington getting started early, how very SENSIBLE!!

Ok people if you believe in legalization, if you know the difference between “decriminalization” and “legalization”, if you are a patient in Washington that just had a bunch of your rights crapped on in Washington, most importantly if… Read More

Lawyer retirement and protection program – SB 5073

Lawyer retirement and protection program – SB 5073 is the statements from activists and defense lawyers in Washington. RE: “?Douglas Hiatt says attorneys like him have a nickname for SB 5073, the gutted shell of a medical-marijuana… Read More

Hemp for Victory 2011 – Hemp Can Restore Our Economy and Our Independence

There is a lot at stake in our country due to continued prohibition that is not only expensive but un-necessary. We have farmers out of work because of the strength of the world market, many countries of which… Read More

Cannabis use has many uses

How are medical laws protecting patients?

Here are the facts.  Prop215 has been a good step forward, but stagnating  activism to proceed in regaining our rights have not helped, and in fact keeping cannabis “medical only” has only hurt people. The facts are in… Read More

Sensible Washington’s new initiative

Please read the text of I-1149 Sign up at and volunteer! Lets make history!!! 1 AN ACT Relating to the removal of civil and criminal penalties 2 associated with adult marijuana use; amending RCW 9.94A.518, 69.50.101,… Read More

Dispensary visit today, disappointing

I have a little story about my visit to a Spokane based “co-op” today.  I called ahead at 4pm, and said “Im a patient, but Im not a member yet, can I get some meds, and what do… Read More