Fighting Against Dumb laws, Im letting my MMJ recommend expire

In this broadcast I talk about how many dumb laws effect our every day lives without us even knowing. I talk about how many thousands of new laws are put against the people in the USA every year…. Read More

Does NAW really have a chance?

NAW launched itself in the eve of the Sensible Washington petition count.  I think that the timing of this was inappropriate. There are a lot of things about NAW that suck, but the worst part of it, is… Read More

Sensible Washington announced that are PAYING petitioners!

From the Sensible Washington Facebook Wall: “We’re happy to announce the ability to pay signature gatherers going forward! Anyone who sends or hands in signatures before July 5th will be able to receive $.10 per valid signature if… Read More

Doug Hiatt with a solid message about I-1149

I watched a video Doug Hiatt speaking about the final weeks of signature collection for I-1149. Doug’s message is simple, powerful and true.  We ALL have the power in a people’s initiative.  We all are leaders!  We are… Read More

Conscious Culture Gathering 2011

If you are in Washington this is a great place to help get I-1149 on the ballot. Thousands of signatures can be gathered. John and Kim Novak, Don Skakie and several other volunteers will be there and they… Read More

When civil rights movements become divided

Starting in 2009 which was shortly after the raid on CHANGE dispensary in Spokane WA, there was a notion for a petition drive to legalize cannabis on a ballot initiative. The group was Sensible Washington. I had been… Read More

Leaving for California

So we are leaving for California at the end of April.  Lots of people have asked  “are you leaving because of the problems with the legalization movement”? Come on, get real!    ROFL   There has been nothing but problems… Read More

Standing up or sitting down

Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of the day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers (adminstrators) too plainly proves a deliberate,… Read More

Law makers who mock patients in Washington

A lot of updates to report with Washington politics and laws regarding cannabis. Both sides are currently under attack, the medical and the full legalization for adults sides. I shouldn’t say “sides” because we are all fighting for… Read More

What if I-1149 fails this year?

For anyone who is interested, I have been toying with the idea that 3 months (3000 signatures per day) may not work out. That maybe we should plan well in advance for doing this again next year. Just… Read More