What if I-1149 fails this year?

For anyone who is interested, I have been toying with the idea that 3 months (3000 signatures per day) may not work out. That maybe we should plan well in advance for doing this again next year. Just… Read More

Emerald Sun sending love to the troops

To all of you signature gatherers that spend tireless hours gathering signatures. We sent a care package to Angela Johnson today, and here is what it contains. From EMERALD SUN We sent two complete skateboards, and 10 t-shirts… Read More

Sensible Washington Folk Life Festival 2010

From Renata Rollins before Folk Life 2010 This is some of the videos during Folk Life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2z7X76dxTuI Thanks to all of you signature gatherers!!! Please support SENSIBLE WASHINGTON and all of the people and businesses who support I-1068!… Read More

Props to Doug Hiatt and Sensible Washington!

Props to the I-1068 people, and to NORML! I know that these folks have been under heavy attack as of late.  A lot of conflicts are arising between the medical market, and the legalization movement. Some good things… Read More

Great news report on I-1068

This is from a few months back, but how wonderful it is to get a wiff of this kind of freedom.  We are almost there people!

May 1st, lots of CHANGE, and good change too!

I was happy to be able to participate in the Global Marijuana March.  Got to see a lot of friends, and met new ones.  I continued to have more and more irie as the day passed.  What a… Read More

Dispensary visit today, disappointing

I have a little story about my visit to a Spokane based “co-op” today.  I called ahead at 4pm, and said “Im a patient, but Im not a member yet, can I get some meds, and what do… Read More

420 Earth Day Benefit for I-1068

Come to the I-1068 Earth Day benefit, $5 suggested donation (to help legalize weed in WA) Reefer Madness is so funny, especially knowing that the government seriously thought this would work, back in the 30’s!  It probably did… Read More

Douglas Hiatt on I-1068, sounds like heaven!

I just want to thank Dougals Hiatt  and those who are working on I-1068!  Thank you so much! This is Douglas Hiatt on King5 News talking about I-1068 and legalizing marijuana in Washington. These are great facts! This… Read More

I want pot prices to GO DOWN!

I want legalization so that marijuana prices go down, and so that our country has a wonderful, profitable, and eco-friendly crop that will revitalize our nation, and obviously I also want freedom and liberty restored! Its a crime… Read More