Viability of an eco-fiendly fuel like hemp diesel – Maine Legalizes Industrial Hemp farming

With all of the many thousands of oil spoils, and now the fracking that is causing so many health problems. My solution to this is;    A company that my wife and I are starting, to utilize… Read More

Starting a cannabis business in 2015

This is a basic overview of starting a cannabis business in 2015. The “Green Rush” is on.  Many states have already changed their cannabis laws in favor of retail and commercial productivity.  Many states are currently working on… Read More

xcannabits 2013

Putting my money where my mouth is – Cannabis Stocks

I have been talking for a long time how I believe in the cannabis market.  I have also mentioned on frequent blog post and video blog how I have lost trust in most of the top cannabis lobbies… Read More

xCannabis Tuesday Commodities report

This is the Tuesday market report for, we have some news about cannabis markets, federal intervention, the 2012 election and the possibility of Ron Paul staying in the race. We are encouraging the building of a marijuana/cannabis… Read More

Our Latest Trade Show Booth

This is a booth that we put together this year for trade shows. The trade show we are at here is the Modoc Outdoor Expo. We have several more events lined up this year! Kimi designs a mean… Read More

Patient Rights vs. Affirmative Defense in California

What is the difference between patient’s rights and affirmative defense, and how has medical marijuana affected patients and cannabis consumers in California?   Under medical marijuana in California, there has been a 3 fold increase in arrests. Under… Read More

Sensi Life Radio – July 22nd 6am Morning Show

Sensi Life Radio 6am Friday 7/22/2011 Talking about the indictments in Spokane, the show from yesterday with Heath and Darby, the hemp dome, and Ryan and Kim’s baby to be born soon. Talking also about 5ng blood limits… Read More

Springville Art City Daze Parade and Protest 6/4/2011

SPRINGVILLE ART CITY DAYS PROTEST: June 4th 2011 SPRINGVILLE ART CITY DAYS PROTEST 2011 | Last year at Springville Art City Days I was arrested for excercising my free speech by holding a… Read More

Spokane is rocking signatures

We have been so amazingly blessed in Spokane by so many volunteers! Today we got 11 more full sheets of signatures from volunteers, to add to 7 sheets that we got the day before from a couple of… Read More

How will I-1149 put people back to work?

We are volunteering to help push through I-1149 in Washington state, and we believe that it will put many people back to work. We had a question from a Craiglist reader about “How”. I think there are many… Read More