Reverend Ryan's Emancipation Proclaimation

Reverend Ryan’s Emancipation Proclamation

Reverend Ryan’s Emancipation Proclamation

DEA raids in Western Washington

Real Legalization I-584 in Washington

After many initiatives to “legalize” in Washington, they finally have a version of “legalization” that has passed the voters approval. Initiative I-502 has according to many “legalized” cannabis in Washington. The definition of “legalize” 1. (Law) to make… Read More

Democracy Where 51 percent decide the fate for everyone

Where 51 percent decide  the fate for everyone -Democracy — X Cannabis – Freedom Can’t Exist If Nature is Illegal Mob majority is not freedom

xcannabits 2013

Putting my money where my mouth is – Cannabis Stocks

I have been talking for a long time how I believe in the cannabis market.  I have also mentioned on frequent blog post and video blog how I have lost trust in most of the top cannabis lobbies… Read More

Common ground and Libertarianism

I am so tired of the two party monarchy in this country that continues to work against the American people. These are some of the references from the show. What It Means to Be A Libertarian Obama’s… Read More

HempFest 2012 Protesteval

There was a lot of emotion at Hempfest this year.  There are several initiatives that were collecting signatures, there was also two camps that were there to represent for one side or the other on I-502.  In fact… Read More

Ron Paul responds to “Just Say No” in 1988 the whole video from the Morton Downey show

Ron Paul responds to “Just Say No” in 1988 the whole video from the Morton Downey show. This Morton Downey was such a hypocrite and Ron Paul puts him in his place and defends freedom and cannabis legalization… Read More

Family and priorities

In my activism/life, half of it was when I was not married and did not have kids. Most of that was not very effective or focused. As a married man with some wonderful responsibilities, I am more focused… Read More

Cannabis for ADHD at

Indefinite Detention of US citizens – Who is our president anyway?

We hear over and over how President Obama is the Martin Luther King Jr. of our time.  How Obama is the civil rights leader that will make our world a better, freer place. I have a few points… Read More

Social Security is slavery, I just want the FREEDOM to opt out!

I don’t think that anyone is proposing taking grandma’s hard earned social security away from her, but the time now is to realize that there is no money in the social security fund, the country is becoming insolvent… Read More