Brett Hamil Puff Puff Pass the blame for shitty laws

Brett Hamil Puff Puff Pass the blame for shitty laws #bretthamil #hempfest

This is my response to Brett Hamil about I-502 and Hempfest.  > Brett Hamil obviously doesn’t know shit about the law, or legalization, or the vested interests behind I-502. 1. Brett says I-502 legalized cannabis.  That is… Read More

Shout Out to true freedom fighters! March 2012

In all of the fallout over the the NORML and I502 attacks on freedom fighters, in the aftermath is a unified front that is banding together to fight for freedom. In this shout out, I raised up the… Read More

To reschedule or to unschedule cannabis

reschedule or to unschedule cannabis

Ending the Controlled Substances Act vs. Rescheduling Cannabis

I attempt to explain the difference between ending the Controlled Substances Act vs. Rescheduling Many people feel that rescheduling cannabis would make it more acceptable to law enforcement and therefor there would be less arrests. I strongly disagree… Read More

How do we end the controlled substances act for ALL states?

How do we end the tyranny from the federal government in regards to cannabis laws in the US states that have decriminalized cannabis for medical use or otherwise? The constitution via Article 6, the 14th Amendment, etc has… Read More

Cannabis freedom march in Washington 5/2/11

On May 5th 2011 Cannabis activists and patient advocates all over the state of Washington rallied to protect the rights that voters passed in 1998 via Initiative 691 to give qualifying patients access to medicine that they need. … Read More

Spokane patients scared out of their medicine

It looks like more government fear mongering to cheat patients out of their meds, and force many back in to the black market.   “MARIJUANA STORES VIOLATE FEDERAL LAW” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 06, 2011 Spokane – Today,… Read More

Drug Czar to intimidate free media in Seattle on Friday

Petition the Seattle Times to live-stream Drug Czar meeting Recently, the Seattle Times published an editorial calling on the Washington legislature to tax and regulate marijuana for adults in the state. It was a very thoughtful and well-reasoned… Read More

TSA Touch Your Junk day

National TSA Opt Out day * November 24th *

??Wednesday, November 24, 2010 is NATIONAL OPT-OUT DAY! ?? It’s the day ordinary citizens stand up for their rights, stand up for liberty, and protest the federal government’s desire to virtually strip us naked or submit to an… Read More