Emerald Sun is setting

For a short time, Emerald Sun Design Studio is going to be resting. We opened up with much ambition to see laws change in Washington, we have had high hopes of this and we have given away over… Read More

New updates for May 2010

We have had a few pressing issues come up in the last month, including a move to a new location. We have been living in furnished rentals for the past 3 years, and we lived on our yacht… Read More


There are some very special mothers in my life, who forever changed my life in many positive ways. For my grandmother who not only raised her kids, but also several of her grandchildren, including partially me. She is… Read More

420 Earth Day Benefit for I-1068

Come to the I-1068 Earth Day benefit, $5 suggested donation (to help legalize weed in WA) Reefer Madness is so funny, especially knowing that the government seriously thought this would work, back in the 30’s!  It probably did… Read More