Cannabis Faith

The Free American Hour December 1st 8am AZ time “Cannabis Religion”

I have been invited to talk about Reverend Roger Christie and Religious Freedom with Reverend Raymond Christl on Blog Talk Radio “The Free American Hour”  I originally met Reverend Ray Christl on the NORML Daily Audio Stash.  There… Read More

There is no money in curing cancer

People are amazed that I would claim “cannabis cures cancer“, for example one of the reasons I get is “if cannabis truly cured cancer, it would be used in medicine”. Watch this video to figure out WHY curing… Read More

Devils advocate; Prop19 does not exempt cannabis medicine from taxes

This is the statement I often get from opponents of Prop 19. “Proposition 19 does not exempt patients from taxes” My answer: If Proposition 215 doesn’t already do that, then Proposition 19 won’t change anything. Medical marijuana is… Read More

Ron Paul Legalize

Ron Paul – Legalize all drugs

This is from last year, but it’s a goodie.  Ron Paul says legalize all drugs!

How harmful is marijuana?

I often get anecdotes from people “well even if you can’t die from marijuana, it does cause car accidents”. I have to revisit this topic, because that anecdote leads to a good point. To the best of my… Read More

Informants and blood thirsty police, not a good combo

Story from the Daily Audio Stash I’ll tell you something about these “informants”.  Usually, they are a neighbor, or an enemy of some sort that are looking to cause someone problems.  They are not a reliable source of… Read More

California to legalize marijuana? Petition says it will be on the ballot.

I would be so absolutely grateful and humbled if California legalized marijuana! I am so pessimistic about these things.  I fight, and I hope that freedom and liberty prevails! For some reason it just seems to simple and… Read More

When a town in Utah does something very noble!

This is history by about 8 years now, but back in 2001 the little town of 400 people in Utah named “Big Water” passed an ordinance that decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana to a $10 fine… Read More

Marc Emery will be sentenced

Cannabis Culture’s pot warrior Marc Emery has accepted a plea deal to 1 count of drug trafficing and will be sentenced this fall. I am sad to see the end of this fight come to a conclusion, but… Read More

Happy Memorial Day

I have been so grateful thinking about my family who have served in the military for generations.   It was a family tradition that was broken by this inane drug war.  My dad served in the military for 23… Read More