Five men indicted in Spokane for providing safe medicine to qualified patients

It is sad when a government will repress a people, and criminalize a safe and natural plant solely for their own pissing match. I am personally acquainted with some of the people in this list, and I am… Read More

NJWeedman on Jury Nullification

I am glad to hear so much about this.  As of recently two people that I highly respect, Barry Cooper of Kopbusters, and NJWeedman (Edward Forcion) are talking about – jury nullification -. Jury nullification occurs in a… Read More

SB 5073 as passed in the house

Well a lot of the things that I feared about this bill passed. I had hoped that the dispensary system would remain strong in competition in hopes that we would eventually see the effects of the free market. … Read More

Local shout outs Spokane for April 2011

Local shout outs Spokane  for April 2011   1. Scott Shupe’s trial coming up April 12th, its on the calendar (we love what Scott did for this community!) 2. Reggae Festival 4/20, its on the calendar  (signatures!!)… Read More