How to use bitcoin in the real world, and in the black market

I have for a very long time believed that a voluntary society is the best form of society and the most direct route to freedom.   To stand on my philosophical soapbox for a minute, I have come to… Read More

Appeals Court Sides with Spokane Dispensary owner Scott Shupe

Spokane Medical Marijuana provider Scott Shupe was charged with drug trafficking in relationship with his business “CHANGE”.  CHANGE located itself only blocks from the police department, in a nicely located, commercial/retail building which was very out in the… Read More

Discussion with Russ Belville about the I-502 “legalization” initiative in Washington

Discussion with Russ Belville about the I-502 “legalization” initiative in Washington This discussion has taken place on both facebook and the NORML stash blog. A few comments that stuck out to me are these:  I… Read More

Ian Moody for US Congress? I am concerned about his plan.

Ian Moody for U.S. Congress in Washington State?  I think this deserves a serious discussion. I have known of Ian Moody since April 2010, and I am sad to say that ever since I met him, he has… Read More

Twenty six year old man gets 57 months in prison for a schedule II drug

The debate regarding the future of cannabis as we know it started last year when Oregon rescheduled cannabis as a schedule II drug. “A schedule I drug means that it has no medicinal value that is recognized,” said Lane… Read More

Opinions of Full Legalization vs. Decriminalization

I have been speaking with many people from states where cannabis has been decriminalized. The opinions vary greatly.  There seems to be a fierce stance to keep cannabis medical only. There is also an overwhelming stance that people… Read More

When civil rights movements become divided

Starting in 2009 which was shortly after the raid on CHANGE dispensary in Spokane WA, there was a notion for a petition drive to legalize cannabis on a ballot initiative. The group was Sensible Washington. I had been… Read More

Patient’s records taken in Washington raids

I feel horrible about what has happened in Spokane, and my heart goes out to the sick and dieing in Washington who just lost their sources of medicine.  But let me just point out that some of what… Read More

Fare thee well, Rev Ryan from Washington

This is a few of the concerns that I have currently in Washington.  I am still a resident and I plan on coming back. So first of all I wanted to post this about SB 5073 from April… Read More

The issues that need to be addressed in Washington for Medical Cannabis

There are a lot of things coming out in regards to the medical cannabis and other cannabis usage in Washington state right now. We have saw two bills come up in the Washington legislature both of which I… Read More