The Russ Belville Challenge 2012-2013 – Legal or not?

I challenge Russ to a wager that cannabis is clearly either legal or not.  We will know if the legal cannabis market truly gets established.   If in December of 2013 there is legal, licensed dispensaries I will donate… Read More

xCannabis Commodities Report 10/15/2012

In this broadcast I spoke at length why I got my MMJ recommend renewed after vowing that I wouldn’t do it again. I elaborate more on the value of the medical marijuana market.  I talk about both the… Read More

When it comes to pandering voters who is most prolific

Who is worse for the voters in the ways of pandering and lies?  When it comes to marijuana (medical) for example; Mitt Romney says he is not in favor of MMJ, and will fight it tooth and nail…. Read More

Promises from Washington ACLU when passing marijuana laws

I have been documenting all of the proposed changes to Washington state law regarding marijuana over the past 18 months. We have saw a lot of promises, and a lot of tales of amazing progress to be made…. Read More

Questions about Washington initiatives

Ive heard recently about people collecting signatures for a number of petitions in WA.  Specifically interested in the conversation that Gina Cargile brought up about the petitions that her brother saw getting signed, for NAW (I-502). I am… Read More

Slacktavism and social status – Sensi Life Radio 7/27/2011

Sensi Life 3:45 Wednesday 7/27/11 Trendy Slacktavism There are so many slacktavists who see activism as a sure way to social status. This is a broadcast about ‘trustafarians’ who sport the Lion of Zion emblem or wear the… Read More

Cannabis use has many uses

How are medical laws protecting patients?

Here are the facts.  Prop215 has been a good step forward, but stagnating  activism to proceed in regaining our rights have not helped, and in fact keeping cannabis “medical only” has only hurt people. The facts are in… Read More

Patient’s records taken in Washington raids

I feel horrible about what has happened in Spokane, and my heart goes out to the sick and dieing in Washington who just lost their sources of medicine.  But let me just point out that some of what… Read More

DEA Raids in Spokane 4/28/11 footage

The DEA as well as local agencies decided that they would take the medicine away that patients desperately need in Spokane on 4/28/11.   The agents raided 4 different dispensaries and have threatened the landlords of all others. It… Read More

Governor Gregoire vetos the protections that patients used to have, by keeping the negative parts (SB 5073)

The end result of what so many so-called activists were supporting in Washington in regards to SB 5073 is that now patients have less rights than they had under RCW 69.51a. For 13 years doctors have had exclusive… Read More