Discussion about I-502, Amendment 64, and Measure 80

This is from an online conversation that I had tonight about these three different proposals. It clears up my position on these issues quite a bit. I think that people need to continue to have these discussions so… Read More

DEA back at it in Spokane, the one last true coop is getting raided!

I have gotten word that the one last true coop in Spokane is being raided right now. Medical Herb Providers at 306 North Freya St., Spokane WA is being raided as we speak. The report from the store… Read More

What does rescheduling mean to the current cannabis community?

It is well known that the DEA, and the FDA are looking at rescheduling cannabis. There are also many groups in Washington that are calling for rescheduling cannabis as well. I watched a hearing on SB 5955, and… Read More

Raids in Spokane

I am on the road, and I haven’t gotten a lot of details.  But I have confirmed that many dispensaries have been raided in Spokane today. I have heard something between 4 and 30 dispensaries were targeted.  If… Read More

Medical cannabis only vs. Full legalization (update)

I have been talking about this full legalization vs. medical marijuana only (as prescribed by Dennis Peron and others). I have always said after hearing this theory of “all cannabis use is medical use” that if we get… Read More

The government needs more money

The government needs more money, so they apparently think that they can just harvest money by stealing from musicians and peaceful, productive Americans.  Camp Zoe is presently under attack in Missouri. This is a statement from their website… Read More

Devils advocate; Prop19 does not exempt cannabis medicine from taxes

This is the statement I often get from opponents of Prop 19. “Proposition 19 does not exempt patients from taxes” My answer: If Proposition 215 doesn’t already do that, then Proposition 19 won’t change anything. Medical marijuana is… Read More

Informants and blood thirsty police, not a good combo

Story from the Daily Audio Stash I’ll tell you something about these “informants”.  Usually, they are a neighbor, or an enemy of some sort that are looking to cause someone problems.  They are not a reliable source of… Read More

Marc Emery extradited, injustice 101

Marc didn’t commit crimes in the USA.  He was in Canada when he sold seeds.  The DEA has been seeking Marc as a political target.  All of this is noncompliant with local and international laws. Here are some… Read More

Rick Simpson’s raid for the cure!

In RCMP style, the department decides to go on a political witch hunt for those that are trying to bring forth God’s greatest green gift. Rick Simpson has been a soldier of medicinal marijuana, and has claimed to… Read More