Cannabis is not a drug ITS AN HERB!

Sensi Life Morning Show Legalization vs. Medicalization Talking about our friend Jerry Laberdee in Spokane, and his hunger strike from jail. Also talking about how medical marijuana laws effect cannabis consumers, and penalties. Touched again on rescheduling cannabis… Read More

To reschedule or to unschedule cannabis

reschedule or to unschedule cannabis

Monopolies and the cannabis market

I have heard a lot about how cannabis trade associations are trying to keep cannabis prices high, all while including only those friendly to them in their trade association. I have witnessed this by reading different events and… Read More

30 Tons of cartel cannabis

This is not a large amount compared to how much cannabis actually gets produced and sold to consumers in the USA.  The headlines read: The Drug Enforcement Administration says it has busted a significant cross-border, drug-smuggling tunnel and… Read More