I owe Ian Moody an apology

Yes I am surprised too.  After a very strange and uncomfortable year of dealing with Ian and his alter ego’s.  I am indeed apologizing to Ian Moody of WA. I am not apologizing about anything other than I… Read More

There is a price for freedom, it’s called responsibility.

Recently I made a decision to start meeting about faith and teaching about my prospective on the universe and the creator. I have no formal training and I have no plans to make a formal religion.  But I… Read More

Nothin but love

In the past year or so that I have been getting closer and more friendly with different legalization groups and activists there have been some disagreements that have taken place.  On more than one occassion there have been… Read More

Props to Doug Hiatt and Sensible Washington!

Props to the I-1068 people, and to NORML! I know that these folks have been under heavy attack as of late.  A lot of conflicts are arising between the medical market, and the legalization movement. Some good things… Read More