Five men indicted in Spokane for providing safe medicine to qualified patients

It is sad when a government will repress a people, and criminalize a safe and natural plant solely for their own pissing match. I am personally acquainted with some of the people in this list, and I am… Read More

Roger Christie locked up for over a year now without bail and without conviction

For over one year now the US government as attempted to make a dreary example of what happens to you if you choose to participate in a religion that is not of their liking.  For over one year… Read More

I love that they are coming out in favor of legalization

I love that they (politicians) are coming out in favor of legalization, but what is with such overwhelming support all of the sudden? Are they worried about something? (15 minutes) and (45 seconds)   (we’ve… Read More

Spokane Police Department

My letter to Spokane Police Department on 09/16/2009, I am seriously disappointed in the SPD, and other agencies that felt it necessary to rip legal and necessary medicine from thousands of legally qualified patients in Spokane! Would… Read More