Socialism or Capitalism for the next election

I am going to pretend for a moment that we actually have a choice in our elections, and that our economy is not controlled by a 1000 year old monarchy.  I am going to pretend that the central… Read More

Why the free market is so important to my family and yours (pre-wreck prophecy)

Why the free market is so important to my family and yours (pre-wreck prophecy) I made this video exactly one month before I got in a terrible accident in which one person died, and I barely lived. I… Read More

Capitalism in Cuba

Wishes his people weren’t so happy About Capitalism In Cuba — X Cannabis – Freedom Can’t Exist If Nature is Illegal It is said that the government officials are sad because this is a revolution of capitalism that hasn’t existed in… Read More

Penn Jillette lays down a wonderful case for libertarianism

I fully agree with Penn in all that he said in this video.   I know I disagree with Penn Jillette on many topics, but politically he and I are in a very close alignment.   Faith, God, theism is something… Read More

Publicly traded cannabis company CBIS

I have been a supporter of the free market, of capitalism, and of letting people be free to decide their future. I think capitalism is useful to drive good things in society, and that has been one of… Read More

Frustrated with our laws and our hiearchy

I can’t hide it, I am becoming more and more disappointed by the system we live in. Just a few facts and this may help you understand why.  Our GDP per year is less than our debt. We… Read More

Taxing medicine is immoral.

This is a point that I hear from the opposing side of Prop19. A no on 19er said this to me in a conversation about why he opposes Prop19 today. “”Taxing medicine is immoral. Why are you trying… Read More

Nitch market and high profits

My response to the latest No On Prop19 people’s B.S. ?Joy says:  – ” it is irrelivent other than to say their decision stands, other than the handful of you mis-led blindly following 19 like sheep, Insisting on… Read More