Mark Shurtleff Utah’s Attorney General tempted to use marijuana

This is one of the most ground breaking things to happen to cannabis freedom in Utah since Brigham Young told Mormons to grow hemp in the 1860’s.  Mark Shurtleff Utah’s attorney general said that he is in favor… Read More

Springville Art City Daze Parade and Protest 6/4/2011

SPRINGVILLE ART CITY DAYS PROTEST: June 4th 2011 SPRINGVILLE ART CITY DAYS PROTEST 2011 | Last year at Springville Art City Days I was arrested for excercising my free speech by holding a… Read More

Douglas Hiatt on I-1068, sounds like heaven!

I just want to thank Dougals Hiatt  and those who are working on I-1068!  Thank you so much! This is Douglas Hiatt on King5 News talking about I-1068 and legalizing marijuana in Washington. These are great facts! This… Read More

Conversation on the plane

On my way back from Denver this morning, the first stop was Salt Lake City.  One of the gents that I sat next to lived in Orem Utah, a place that I once lived. This was our business… Read More