I hear a lot about how people should represent the cause well and I agree. First of all we have a lot of issues in our community, and legalization won’t solve all of them. However it is commonly… Read More

Word Is Bond – Someone Always wants to be someone

After having many friendships and several business relationships fail I have looked back to figure out what went wrong. To me it always comes down to egos.  It comes down to someone wanting to be someone that either… Read More

Dr. Donald Abrams MD on Cannabis for pain management

I suffer from something very similar to VHL, where I have a 3mm constriction in a vessel on my brain.  It is a weakness I hate to confront because it really upsets me in the way that it… Read More

Cannabis and how humans were made to process cannabis

Cannabis only effects humans because we have been built with cannabinoid receptors. We are not effected the same way that cats are effected by ingesting cat-nip, because we were not built with the same receptors in the brain… Read More