When a town in Utah does something very noble!

This is history by about 8 years now, but back in 2001 the little town of 400 people in Utah named “Big Water” passed an ordinance that decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana to a $10 fine… Read More

Another Minister abused by the system for a victimless “crime”

I am sad to say that after looking for ministers to ally with in Idaho, that I found one but he will be going to jail for merely posseessing a harmless plant that he used for his religious… Read More

Chapter Update….

When the time came I had much trepidation. This would be my first meeting after all. Will these people judge me?………
… take it easy now… breath….. no fear……… The place was small but inviting, about 12 or so showed up. This was the time to meet the board and the members. I met all types of people who all have a different reason for being there. Medical, me and 2 others. Prison/ law reform. Recreational users of course, and people who were for all drugs to be regulated and legal.