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Comparing real activists to hipster pot dealers

  I have been frustrated for years when I work with or are in the same network as, typical pot dealer “cannabis activists”, who are typically no better than a corporate lobbyist for an industry or business.  The… Read More

I hate censorship

I am not completely innocent here, I had to tell an activist in Spokane to leave our meeting and sober up before he came back back in 2011.  I have rarely censored anyone, but when I have I… Read More

NJ Weedman Jury Nullification

NJ Weedman gets his medicine by mail (Cannabis delivery)

I have been following NJ Weedman lately again.  It has been a few months since I have paid much attention to anything but healing from my accident.  But I have watched NJ Weedman as he has been getting… Read More

Time for a change, Reverend Ryan quit smoking weed

It’s not that I have anything against cannabis.  It’s not that I plan on permanently quitting using cannabis. But right now I am feeling fine.   I use cannabis primarily for headache relief, as well as stress relief…. Read More

xcannabits 2013

xCannabits Economy 2013 – Beta + Reopened the Forums

For the last four years we have been working on fine tuning two different aspects of Originally we designed to be a social network, news site, and activist reporting hub. as well as my family… Read More

How to fund an initiative without money?

I have just completed a blog post about what bitcoin is, and how it differs from standard currency used in today’s markets that are typically controlled by a central bank or a central government. Where as bitcoin is… Read More

Why in 75 years has the ACLU never supported a cannabis legalization initiative?

Why in 75 years has the ACLU never supported a cannabis

So this is one thing I can thank facebook for

While we all complain about facebook from time to time. I usually use facebook just to host automatic feeds as of late, because I am not loving timeline. Fortunately I made a second account that does not have… Read More

BRAVO: COP WATCH 4 Police Officers Assess a homeless man requiring medical attention

This is good activism right here. Less than a month after Kelly Thomas  in Orange County CA was killed by police, this brave activist sees cops harassing a homeless man and he jumps into action and films most… Read More

Filming in public what are your rights?

First we must define “what is public”? I know that the law allows for one party consent in more than 10 states.   Utah being one of them, and I know because I have utilized this when dealing with… Read More