Lie detection technology and activism

I have been researching and writing about this for a lot of years regarding lie detection technology and activism.  The idea that politics and important subjects that are vulnerable to lies and deception, could potentially be sorted out… Read More

government won't fix itself

Passive arm-chair activism vs. Actual activism

For all of my life I have been active in one cause or another.  Whatever had churned my heart.  When my heart strings are pulled on an issue, I typically pour my entire self into the endeavor.  … Read More

I hate censorship

I am not completely innocent here, I had to tell an activist in Spokane to leave our meeting and sober up before he came back back in 2011.  I have rarely censored anyone, but when I have I… Read More

NJ Weedman Jury Nullification

NJ Weedman gets his medicine by mail (Cannabis delivery)

I have been following NJ Weedman lately again.  It has been a few months since I have paid much attention to anything but healing from my accident.  But I have watched NJ Weedman as he has been getting… Read More

Passive Aggressive Activism

I have participated in all kinds of approaches to activism over the years.   Mostly anything to do with giving freedom and liberty to people.   I started out with the “it’s my body, I’ll do what I want” as… Read More

Wrapping up one project and moving on to another

In the past 15 years I have started many internet/BBS/Website projects.   I have completed over 30 personal websites, and 100s of paid websites for clients and friends. I feel like an architect in this way.  Once the project… Read More

Will Technology Advance Enough to Catch Politicians in Lies?

I have thought long and hard about how we can expose the lies instantly and obviously when politicians lie to the public. A lot of the public are too trusting and innocent or more likely too lazy to… Read More

How to fund an initiative without money?

I have just completed a blog post about what bitcoin is, and how it differs from standard currency used in today’s markets that are typically controlled by a central bank or a central government. Where as bitcoin is… Read More

Why in 75 years has the ACLU never supported a cannabis legalization initiative?

Why in 75 years has the ACLU never supported a cannabis

So this is one thing I can thank facebook for

While we all complain about facebook from time to time. I usually use facebook just to host automatic feeds as of late, because I am not loving timeline. Fortunately I made a second account that does not have… Read More