xCannabis Commodities Report 10/15/2012

In this broadcast I spoke at length why I got my MMJ recommend renewed after vowing that I wouldn’t do it again. I elaborate more on the value of the medical marijuana market.  I talk about both the… Read More

I-502 debate at High Times Medical Cup Seattle 2012

This is my commentary on the I-502 debate at the Seattle High Times Medical Cannabis cup. Credit to Russ Belville for recording the debate and posting it. /http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-sPx0nmcis/ Comments: My main contention with the approach that New Approach… Read More

Commodity Report 09/15/2012 Sensi Life Liberty Radio

This is the weekly commodity report from xCannabis.com Sensi Life Radio.     The topic today is federal reserve notes vs. commodity based currency. I compare Bitcoin and Bullion to Federal Reserve notes as well as United States… Read More

Talk Radio Show – Topic: Death Culture

I was blessed to have been on this show that I called into and I was allowed about 15 minutes at the end of the show to interact with the host and the guests. This got fairly emotional,… Read More

Pothead Parenting – Genealogy Episode 5 Sensi Life Radio

Pothead Parenting – Genealogy Talking about genealogy, the US monarchy, family relationships, and at the end I play a clip from my favorite TV show “Arrested Development”. It is seriously one of the best TV shows, and the… Read More

Sensi Life Liberty Radio – Goes Pro and gets a broadcasting license

Sensi Life Liberty Radio – Goes Pro and gets a broadcasting license. We have been off the air for about a year now only to come back in the last week. It has been a great concern for… Read More

Common ground and Libertarianism

I am so tired of the two party monarchy in this country that continues to work against the American people. These are some of the references from the show. What It Means to Be A Libertarian http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgTnjTm3YhQ Obama’s… Read More

Gary Johnson and Ron Paul ticket? Jay Leno announcement coming!

This is our first radio broadcast since exactly one year ago. I heard some encouraging news about how Ron Paul will be on Jay Leno on 9/4/12 and he has an announcement to make. Everyone that I know… Read More

Not giving someone a fair shake?

In regards to my interview with William West of “The Weedly News” on July 7th 2011: http://sensilife.com/2011/07/interview-with-william-west-from-the-weedly-news/ I sent an email out to 3 people that are related to the Cannabis Medical community in San Diego. I have… Read More

Slacktavism and social status – Sensi Life Radio 7/27/2011

Sensi Life 3:45 Wednesday 7/27/11 Trendy Slacktavism There are so many slacktavists who see activism as a sure way to social status. This is a broadcast about ‘trustafarians’ who sport the Lion of Zion emblem or wear the… Read More