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So I go in to a headshop today, and freak one of the locals out

So just for the record.  I ALWAYS talk about Hemp.  I have many motives, many reasons, just like about everyone in the world with a head on their shoulder. But let me explain something to you.  I would… Read More

Memorial of Jenny Kush (Jennifer Friede)

I did not know anything about Jenny Kush over the years.  I had never listened to iCannabis radio, I had never heard her speak.  But for the last few hours I have listen to her shows, and I… Read More

Passive Aggressive Activism

I have participated in all kinds of approaches to activism over the years.   Mostly anything to do with giving freedom and liberty to people.   I started out with the “it’s my body, I’ll do what I want” as… Read More

You believe democracy as a way to protect the rights of minorities? Do you know the meaning of those words?

From Liberal to Conservative, my journey by Reverend Ryan

First of all I will start with saying that I decided to opt out of the two party system a long time ago when I started supporting Ralph Nader back in the 2000 election and previous.  I decided… Read More

Affirmation of racism in commedy, have we regressed?

So last night on a friend’s blog post, this comment was shared;   HERE Sarah Silverman What the white man dIdn’t take from the Native Americans: -revering the elderly -concept of sharing I left a few comments as did… Read More

Reverend Ryan talks about religion and marijuana

As a Utah native, born and raised in Utah county and as a person who grew up around a lot of prescription drugs, alcohol and tobacco as well, I later experimented with marijuana as a teen and young… Read More

My reasons for wanting full legalization – memory lane

I was watching videos from last year that I made.   I was curious about some of the specifics of the two California initiatives that I was aware of at the time. I was able to listen my main… Read More

Family and priorities

In my activism/life, half of it was when I was not married and did not have kids. Most of that was not very effective or focused. As a married man with some wonderful responsibilities, I am more focused… Read More

Legalization debate at the Baker Institute Russ Belville and Kevin Sabet

Russ Belville, Outreach Coordinator, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws Kevin A. Sabet, Ph.D., Former Senior Adviser, White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (2009-2011); Assistant Professor, Division of Addiction Medicine, University of Florida College… Read More

The War On Drugs Have Failed – The Baker Institute Debate – Russ Belville and Kevin Sabet

THE WAR ON DRUGS HAS FAILED. Marijuana Russ is a fine speaker. Im fond of his style. One thing that was not at all necessary to make a joke about (as it alienates and pushes away) the Ron… Read More