Why did Obama break his promises on medical marijuana?

In 2008 I was a Ralph Nader supporter.  I did not vote for Barack Obama, but I was optimistic that he would keep his campaign promises about cannabis. After all, Obama was more open about his marijuana usage… Read More

John Davis VP of Hempfest

John Davis of Seattle Hempfest (VP) hates medical marijuana competition

John Davis of Seattle Hempfest

DEA FDA and NIDA want cannabis rescheduled

Caucus on International Narcotics Control June 24th 2015

For years the DEA, the FDA and many prohibitionists have covertly and sometimes as in this case petitioned for cannabis to be taken out of Schedule I, and taken into Schedule II in the Federal Controlled Substances Act…. Read More

Emerald See Hemp Eiquid

So I go in to a headshop today, and freak one of the locals out

So just for the record.  I ALWAYS talk about Hemp.  I have many motives, many reasons, just like about everyone in the world with a head on their shoulder. But let me explain something to you.  I would… Read More

How Dread Pirate Roberts got busted

This is from a site with the url of medium.com.  I do not know anything about this site, or the credentials of the author to analyze the arrested of “Dread Pirate Robers” aka  Ross William Ulbricht.   But after… Read More

Cannabis Prohibition Nullification and the 10th Amendment

Cannabis Prohibition Nullification and the 10th Amendment This is a movement that has been growing stronger and stronger.  Not only over the marijuana laws on state levels, but also regarding the imposition of Obamacare on states. Nullification is… Read More

Proud Supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project

9/11 and the wars since, talking about PTSD and the Tough Mudder Challenge

We are coming up on the 12th anniversary of a very horrible event that occurred on 9-11-2001 and I have made a video to talk about the soldiers who come back from the conflict in the middle east… Read More

Memorial of Jenny Kush (Jennifer Friede)

I did not know anything about Jenny Kush over the years.  I had never listened to iCannabis radio, I had never heard her speak.  But for the last few hours I have listen to her shows, and I… Read More

News from the DOJ regarding a new marijuana policy (again)

We have heard it before.   The Ogden memo released in 2009 was supposed to give a clear path to medical marijuana dispensers to enjoy the state laws that protect their services.   In June 2011 that instruction was reversed,… Read More

Why is the left so silent about Obama’s wars, both foreign and domestic?

I am so tired of hearing the far left liberals launch constant attacks and leverage intense blame on their ‘enemies’. I hear from so many of these same liberals their excuses for attacking conservatives and libertarians, by claiming… Read More