Sister Mary Jane

Christians for Cannabis, Catholic nuns growing medical cannabis

Christians for Cannabis, Catholic nuns, growing, medical cannabis in California and selling the products that they make.

Facebook troll, is trolling Clovis Star

Climate change advocate trolls me, and fails

For quite awhile I have had a facebook troll, and I didn’t even realize it, until he sent his dad over to my house to fight me.   I was completely unaware, as his life is not that interesting… Read More

Pastor Ray Christl

Happy Trails to our friend Ray Christl

Happy Trails to our friend Ray Christl


There is no doubt that this man greatly inspired me and taught me things that no one else could. I have been a different person, as if though something is missing, since he passed away in 2008. What… Read More

End Prohibition Nullify Dumb Laws

Is Cannabis Prohibition Constitutional ? Nullifying dumb laws

In the case of The USA vs. Timothy Leary in 1969, Timothy Leary fought the law, and NULLIFIED prohibition on a FEDERAL LEVEL based on prohibition being unconstitutional. Learn more about this from a broadcast that I did… Read More

Roger Christie will be allowed to use religious defense in court

After three years in a federal detention without bail for the alleged crime of cultivation and distribution of cannabis, it has been decided that Roger Christie and his wife Share Christie will be able to use their religious… Read More

Denied the ability to serve again

I was a 19 year old kid that goes into the military recruitment office in Provo Utah. I was only about 100 lbs, and I didn’t have a lot to offer physically.   So they ran me through a… Read More

Eight people in one room, deciding the fate for one of them

In a recent real life situation that I currently face with my grandma. It’s like there are 8 people in the room, deciding the fate of one person. The person in question and one other person have their… Read More

Is there a key that someone needs to see logic in theism?

I was reviewing some libertarian videos and I came upon some great challenges from Penn Jillet on the topic of faith, and honesty, and crazy beliefs and how they play a role in the 2012 elections. Penn Jillette:… Read More

A letter from Roger Christie that I got in email

I am just sharing this beautiful email that I got from Roger and Share Christie; Hello out there to friends we know and those we’ve yet to meet, Aloha.  Share and I hope this finds you and those… Read More