Cannabis Monopoly

Marijuana monopolies

The idea of “legalization” has been the pink unicorn of all liberty loving cannabis folks.   Thinking that “legalization” is the next step in gaining more cannabis freedom.   However what we learned after several established medical marijuana… Read More

“Take a Hike, Ike! Gentrification Stops Here!” crowd says marijuana store is racist

In a recent conversation on Facebook, an acquaintance that I know posted a video about several protests that are happening on a regular basis at the marijuana shop “Uncle Ike’s” in the Central District of Seattle, whom are… Read More

Why did Obama break his promises on medical marijuana?

In 2008 I was a Ralph Nader supporter.  I did not vote for Barack Obama, but I was optimistic that he would keep his campaign promises about cannabis. After all, Obama was more open about his marijuana usage… Read More

What has xCannabis been up to since 2013

In May of 2013 the editor and author of most of the blogs on this website (me Ryan Thompson), was in a horrible car accident that nearly claimed my life.  It did claim the life of the drunk… Read More

Free Maine Cannabis

Marijuana Policy Project takes over the Legalize Maine campaign in Maine for the 2016 ballot initiative

Marijuana Policy Project takes over the Legalize Maine campaign

For legalization

Legalize Drugs – A Debate from Intelligence Squared U.S. – follow up

This is a debate from November 15th 2012, directly after Washington and Colorado voted to “legalize cannabis”. So here is it 2.5 years after the historical changes in law in these two states, and now not only do… Read More

Pastor Ray Christl

Happy Trails to our friend Ray Christl

Happy Trails to our friend Ray Christl

Maine legislators kill two pro-legalization bills in one week

While the legislature has made sense on the most important aspect of the cannabis plant, it looks as if though Maine has become un-smart on the other benefits of the plant. In just one week the Maine legislature… Read More

Police Incentive

Civil Rights Violated in Pocatello Idaho – For Immediate Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – A Man’s Civil RIghts Violated in Pocatello Idaho On February 16th 2015 the Pocatello police responded to a call to my house over a situation of assault and battery. A family member came to my… Read More

Starting a cannabis business in 2015

This is a basic overview of starting a cannabis business in 2015. The “Green Rush” is on.  Many states have already changed their cannabis laws in favor of retail and commercial productivity.  Many states are currently working on… Read More