Cannabis Monopoly

Marijuana monopolies

The idea of “legalization” has been the pink unicorn of all liberty loving cannabis folks.   Thinking that “legalization” is the next step in gaining more cannabis freedom.   However what we learned after several established medical marijuana states made cannabis “legal” is that liberty was not gained, rather liberty was changed and even eroded in many ways.   While it did in some cases liberate small amounts of cannabis for personal possession for everyone, it did in fact replace laws that were lost with restrictive new laws.

For example in Washington state everyone over the age of 21 can possess an ounce or less of cannabis under the laws of I-502.   However the trade off is, that there is no sharing of cannabis, where even passing a joint is prohibited.  There is no personal grow allowance.  Medical marijuana patients over time saw their well established grow limits eroded to less than half of the previous limits.   But the worst of all is that DUID limits were issued under I-502, making it illegal to drive with more than 5 nanograms of cannabis in their blood.  Meaning whether they are impaired or not, it is a Class B felony to drive with that certain limit of cannabis in your system.

After “legalization” the number of DUID arrests for cannabis has went up drastically every year.

Percentage of total driving cases confirming positive for THC (delta-9-THC)

YEARTotal # of impaired driving cases received for testingPercentage of total cases testing positive for THC
20094,809 18.2%
20105,012 19.4%
20135,468 24.9%
20146,270 28.0%

Percentage of total driving cases confirming positive for carboxy-THC (metabolite of THC, indicates marijuana use)

YearTotal # of impaired driving cases received for testingPercentage of total cases testing positive for caboxy-THC

And in fact, the total number of traffic fatalities has remained about the same since legalization. Still, traffic safety officials in the state call the growing percentages of active THC in blood samples “alarming,” and it’s a trend they say they’re keeping an eye on.

Source for this information:

Another factor that has changed since I-502 was passed, is now it is a felony for a minor under the age of 21 to possess marijuana in Washington state.  Where as before it was only a misdemeanor.

However the thing that makes this all the more disturbing to me, is how similar this is to the pharmaceutical market.   Where a few large players can afford the licensing and regulations that it takes to be allowed access to the market, and those same players sit at the table with the regulators to decide new laws and regulations, that in turn keep competition out of the market.   Where as for over 13 years in Washington state, medical marijuana dispensaries operated controversy free, and did a great job supplying cannabis to the state of Washington.   Then all of the sudden, in favor of highly taxed marijuana via I-502, thousands of ma and pa stores are shut down.

Cannabis Monopoly

Cannabis Monopoly

I have been reporting on this for years with projects like: 

This broadcast from John Stossel’s show just how cronyism works to the advantage to increase the wealth of the wealthy, and keep the little guys out of the cut, where he uses examples of taxi licenses in New York, that costs over half a million dollars to buy a permit just to drive a taxi, and where they pass laws to keep companies like Uber out of the market.   John Stossel used many fine examples in this broadcast;

Also to clear the air, you can do a search on this website for “Sensible Washington” and see that I dumped over $10,000 of my own money into state initiatives in Washington that came before I-502, to decriminalize cannabis but without the heavy regulations that create monopolies and that increase penalties.   What I supported with all of my heart was two different initiatives that simply decriminalized cannabis, without all of the inane regulations.   So I am not a “medical marijuana only” subscriber.  I just feel that I-502 killed a good market, and made some very rich people even richer, at the expense of sick people.
The people that supported I-502, like the ACLU and NORML had their chance to support decriminalization via Sensible Washington, but neglected to help in any way, and in many instances stood against decriminalization, which is something else that you can read about on this blog by doing a search for ACLU.

I warned about all of this 6 years ago, long before I-502 came out.  I knew if we didn’t pass legalization, rich monopolies would take over, and they did;

“All cannabis use is medical use?” Until the government steals our crops!

In the future, in other states.  Think really carefully about what you vote for.   Also, if it is dozens of pages deep, you can be sure that there is some legal trickery going on in those pages, try to connect the dots.

“Take a Hike, Ike! Gentrification Stops Here!” crowd says marijuana store is racist

In a recent conversation on Facebook, an acquaintance that I know posted a video about several protests that are happening on a regular basis at the marijuana shop “Uncle Ike’s” in the Central District of Seattle, whom are claiming that Uncle Ike’s store is hurting black people of the area via means of “gentrification”.  The video from the person that I referenced on facebook seemed to believe that the protests had something to do with a church that was next door to the marijuana shop.  So I investigated these claims that possibly the church had something to do with the protests, and the only quote that I found related to this was from the Pastor:

The crux of it is the pot shop’s proximity to Mount Calvary Christian Center, as well as its location on a corner with a troubled history when it comes to drugs. As Pastor Reggie Witherspoon of Mount Calvary said in a speech, “I’m not arguing against marijuana; I’m arguing against its location.”

The concern from the church seems to be about it’s location next to a “teen center” and not about the substance itself.   The area has been a hot-spot for drug and illegal activity for a number of years, and the church seems to believe that this may levy an additional influence on vulnerable teens in the area.

What I also found however and this seems to be the biggest concern, was hundreds of articles that discuss the crowd’s concerns of “racism” and “gentrification”.   (the photo used in this article comes from;, which appears to be a screenshot from a news story, however the only credit that I know to give is to

Uncle Ike's Gentrification and Racism Protests

Uncle Ike’s Gentrification and Racism Protests

More on this:

In this video from the protest that happened around March 20th 2017, you can hear protesters complain about the rising values of property in the district and how Uncle Ike’s is helping with the gentrification process by locating itself in this neighborhood.  The protesters chant in front of Uncle Ike’s with a heavy police presence “What stops here?!” and “Displacement stops here!”.

The one thing that I pointed out in the conversation that I found very ironic, is that one of Uncle Ike’s star employees, Jared Allaway has been very vocal about how pretty much “everything is racist”, and especially anyone who doesn’t agree with him.   It is the typical liberal tactic of “virtue signaling” basically which comes down to “I fight against _______ (fill in the blank with, whatever evil people or person who you want to villainize), therefore I am on your side and I will be your defender”

Jared Allaway Safer Racism Cartoon

Jared Allaway Safer Racism Cartoon

I have written about Jared’s internet war on both racism and prohibition.  Which in many ways he and I share the same views, and we have even worked together.   However in regard to calling everything “racist” that you disagree with, that is a weak approach.   I documented the history that I have with Jared Allaway here:

I am sure that Jared Allaway would agree that neither Ian Eisenberg or Uncle Ike’s the corporation have any racial intentions.   But even he would have to admit (being that he is typically a reasonable person), that it is ironic, how social justice warriors like himself call just about everything and everyone “racist”, and now more than 500 protesters have been going to Uncle Ike’s to protest how even they are racist.

This is the sort of victimization that people play into in this world.  As if they have no control over their destiny, and that everything that happens to them is “racist”.

I have recently made a video on this setback that people place upon themselves, where Ben Shapiro addresses Black Lives Matter leaders with this logic of “how can everything that holds you down, be considered racism, even when there is no evidence of racism”  Reference:   Black Lives Matters Now and Then – Ben Shapiro and Marcus Garvey

Do I believe Uncle Ike’s is racist?  No I have no evidence of that.  In fact, even on Ian Eisenberg’s personal facebook page, and corporate facebook page, they have been going out of their way to signal that they support every possible oppressed group under the sun, with post after post about “We support _____” (fill in the blank)  and “Special group day for _____ (fill in the blank) afflicted group”.

I do believe that the activists who are using racist language and anti-semetic language against the owner of Uncle Ike’s are way out of line, and are using tactics against other people, which I am sure they would not wished used against themselves.  The BLM and other protesters who are using fear, intimidation and racist language are not doing themselves any favors, because if they can justify using these tactics, then they would lose the moral high ground and would be hypocrites when someone uses the same tactics against these protesters.

I did also note in the conversation how I thought it was incredibly ironic how other people in corner of these monopolistic I-502 stores, such as Russ Belville have condemned very non-racist people as “Nazi’s” during the campaign for I-502, simply for not agreeing with him on the issue.

Calling Russ Belville Out – The I-502 Challenge and comparing activists to Nazi War Criminals

Russ Belville needs his own meme for virtue signalling, as he uses the race card more than any activist that I have ever met!  (.. coming soon)

References to an article that I wrote years ago about the “Numbers behind the racist drug war”

Why did Obama break his promises on medical marijuana?

In 2008 I was a Ralph Nader supporter.  I did not vote for Barack Obama, but I was optimistic that he would keep his campaign promises about cannabis.
After all, Obama was more open about his marijuana usage in his life, than any other president in history, and Obama stated time and time again that he would decriminalize cannabis, and spend DOJ resources on “real crimes”.   I made a video on December 5th 2008 congratulating Obama and encouraging him to keep his promises.

I wrote more about this at, reference;


Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana which was thought of during Obama’s original presidential campaign to be a focus that he would work on as president, ended up being a far worse policy than even George W. Bush, and more people by far were persecuted and prosecuted under Obama than W.

  • Over the course of Obama’s first term as president, his administration spent nearly $300 million on marijuana enforcement in states where medical cannabis had already been legalized.
  • Between 1996 and 2013, the federal government conducted 528 dispensary raids on medical marijuana dispensaries.
  • During Obama’s first term as president, his administration oversaw 270 dispensary raids on medical marijuana dispensaries.
  • Between 2009 and 2013, President Obama’s administration spent $100 million more cracking down on medical marijuana dispensaries than George W. Bush’s did.


Reference this video that I made on December 5th 2008 after the election and before Obama took office.  I asked him if he would keep his promises about medical marijuana.

Barack can we count on you to keep your promises? Medical Marijuana question for Obama.

He didn’t!

Federal Indictment of Medical Marijuana under Obama

Federal Indictment of Medical Marijuana under Obama

I wrote more about this while Obama was president also;



Let us hope that Donald Trump is less of a tyrant on cannabis and cannabis people than Obama was!

What has xCannabis been up to since 2013

In May of 2013 the editor and author of most of the blogs on this website (me Ryan Thompson), was in a horrible car accident that nearly claimed my life.  It did claim the life of the drunk driver that hit me.
Shortly after that, I went from working 96 hours a week as a robotics engineer, to being in a wheel chair and not working for several years.  
I recovered partially, and I decided after such a life changing moment, that every minute counts and I decided to not waste any more time.
So I retired essentially, while still supporting my wife in her businesses and we are now circumnavigating the globe in our 45 foot yawl (sailboat).

I recently noticed that a former colleague and a “radical” liberal radio talk show host was being condescending to Trump supporters, and he happened to step in a pile of shit with Roseanne Barr, telling her that she didn’t know as much as he did about cannabis law reform. 

I jumped in and told Russ that all of his credentials don’t mean shit when in his show #675 he says something really dumb by claiming that Bernie Sanders was the first presidential candidate to support legalization of cannabis out of the Republican or Democrat partyHe if anyone should know that Ron Paul a republican law maker, and a presidential candidate that had at least if not more support than Bernie Sanders did, had supported (along side NORML) legalizing all drugs including cannabis since the 1980s.  Russ Belville’s predecessor Chris Goldstein had even interviewed Ron Paul before Russ took over the Norml Stash, and made it a 3 ring liberal circus side show (something he later got fired from NORML for).

Well then Russ tried to insult me saying that my ranking in Alexa was down to 18 million.  Which anyone can see, that it has been dropping steadily since 2013, after I essentially stopped blogging while I recovered. 
Just this last month Alexa shows a drop of 4 million in traffic ranking, which shows 30 days ago, I was much higher.


But this reminded me that I had captured Russ Belville’s ranking, and traffic in 2013, and his rank was way lower than mine.  His social media interactions was so very bleak.  But today he is the come back kid, and says “In just two months, my traffic rose to the top 100,000 on Alexa”.   Which in reply to this, I told him that I had just reviewed his traffic, and it shows all of the tell-tale signs of rank manipulation.

Assessment of Belville’s fake traffic


Jumping from the low spot that he was in just a few short months ago, to being in the top 100,000 Alexa ranks, is an obvious sign of rank manipulation.  Which anyone with $50 can do these days, just do a google search for “alexa rank boost”

So I gave Russ this challenge.  I told him that I would register a new domain (I won’t say what it is for now), and I will do exactly what he has done to manipulate the traffic ranking, and then in two months I will reveal my stats, and it will match his metrics almost identically.   Organic traffic looks much different than Russ Belville’s traffic does.  My traffic from 2013 is clearly organic, and I can prove it (its easy to see actually in my video from 2013).  However to demonstrate how easy it is to get higher ranks, I will do it, and by January I will prove it.  I won’t do it on any domain with any meaning, just some random thing, to make my case even more obvious.

The point is, to show that these people trying to drive public opinion, lie, cheat and steal.  It’s not about ethics, and the value of their content.  To them, and people like Russ Belville, it is about their ego, and their influence. 
When their traffic sucks, they pay to manipulate ranks, and then they brag about it like they are in a big dick contest.  It’s just like polling during an election.  Polling is meant as a manipulation tactic.

But for me, I blog from time to time, like I always have.  I turned down Russ Belville’s invitation by email to join him on his 420Radio network (I can show you the email), and since then Russ has been butt hurt. 
The things most important to me, is not influence, ranks, and political stature.  My family is most important to me, which is why I have always blogged.
When my dad was dying of cancer, is when I started up, to educate people about the value of cannabis as a cure for cancer
When I started protesting about the cannabis laws in my home state of Utah, I got arrested for not getting a “protesting permit”, and I hired a lawyer and nullified that law.  Which then inspired me to launch more websites about free speech  (of which, those website are a lot more active than xCannabis is right now).  
But unlike Russ Belville, I have nullified dumb laws, and I have made real changes in the world.   Russ continues to sell out and promote lousy cannabis law reform in favor of creating monopolies, and as a reward he gets sponsored by lawyers who are trying to keep their jobs defending people in court from cannabis charges.  In fact all of Russ Belville’s main sponsors have been lawyers who are desperate to maintain their jobs as cannabis lawyers, who need prohibition of some form to stay in business.

This to me in the video below is what I am focused on.  Spending time with my family. Getting to know the world we live in and circumnavigating the globe in my ship, while teaching my kids about the world.

I may get back to maintaining a regular blog.  But it won’t be any time soon.  So I suppose Russ can at least gloat that as a legitimate accomplishment.  Even though my blogs beat the pants off his for years.  Now that I am taking a break, his is king of the social media world.  SMH

Negotiating with Obama

Negotiating with Obama


2013 progress report, where I captured Russ Belville sad ratings and rankings in search engines, social media, and traffic reports, and compared it to my own.

Russ Belville got fired for being a liberal shill


It is my opinion, that if progressives were not violent, crass, hateful, and dishonest, that this country would not have completely turned over this last election to conservatives.
The liberals lost all 3 branches of government this election.  The executive office went to Donald Trump (but lets be honest, he is more of a democrat than most other republicans, and he use to be a Democrat and a good friend of Clinton), they lost both sides of Congress, and soon will have a conservative majority in the Supreme Court.  These folks doing media, need to just be more honest, and less power hungry and manipulative so that we can regain some balance.
I mean for example, look at all of the deceptiveness in the DNC, where the DNC chair was caught manipulating the primary debates by handing the questions to Hillary before the debates.  Also seeing all of the fake polling that the media was doing during the election, trying to show Hillary as the winner, to discourage conservative voters from turning out.  When people like Russ Belville claim that “Bernie was the first ever political candidate to say he would legalize cannabis” and it is obviously false, he should be aware that people will call him on it and people will lose trust in his media and his “facts”. Hopefully encouraging him and others to change over to a more turthful platform.
It is so important and more important than ever to have trustworthy, brave, and effective media like Wikileaks, to combat the fake news like that of what Russ Belville and MSM sources give.

This country is so divided right now, and while I think there are times for peace, and there is a time for every season.

Ecclesiastes 3

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.


Actress Roseanne Barr Argues with mansplaining Radical Russ Belville about Trump and Legalization

Radical Russ mansplaning MJ to Roseann Barr on twitter

After the nation has had a few days to celebrate or fret about a Trump win, the funny discussions are coming from twitter where marijuana activists are trying to convince one another who has the most credentials and the best information.

Actress Roseanne Barr Argues with mansplaining Radical Russ Belville about Trump and Legalization

Actress Roseanne Barr Argues with mansplaining Radical Russ Belville about Trump and Legalization

  @RadicalRuss (Russ Belville) is currently “mansplaining” to @therealroseanne how Clinton “supported legalization 100%”, and Roseanne is explaining to chauvinist Radical Russ that;


Radical Russ is trying to prove that Hillary Clinton would have legalized cannabis the same way that Donald Trump would have.   He uses some vague examples where she said that she would favor cannabis.   However Russ Belville ignores the recent interviews where she said that she would not favor cannabis legalization, and that she would prosecute (much like Obama did, when in just two years as president, Obama had 6100% more federal MMJ indictments than Bush did in his whole 8 years).  The real kicker in this case for Clinton is not her public message, but her private message.  Remember that issue coming up during the debates, where she was called out for the wikileaks revelations that Clinton said that she has both a public position on the issues, as well as a separate private position on the issues when she gave a paid speech to top bankers who at the same meeting she was assuring these bankers that she most definitely did not favor legalization.

Hillary Clinton says she has ‘both a public and a private position’

In Leaked Speech, Clinton Promises Bankers to Stand Against Pot

Hillary Lying For 13 Minutes Straight, showing Hillary have various positions on important topics

Even on February 2nd 2016, Russ had more sense on this issue saying that Hillary was basically out of touch

What really got me is how in October 2015 on Russ Belville’s show #675 at minute 15:00 he says that “Bernie … is first leading candidate from the democrat or republican party to say that he would vote to legalization marijuana”.  Yet in Russ Belville’s condesending exchange with Rosanne Barr he touts his roles with NORML and High Times as if he is some sort of expert.  Totally neglecting that Ron Paul was a “leading candidate” for president of the USA, who had said that he would legalize cannabis since the 1980’s.  Russ Belville forgets about a time when NORML actually fought for REAL cannabis law reform, see these clips of Ron Paul supporting cannabis legalization, and an interview with NORML and Ron Paul (pre-Russ).

But anyway, Rosanne is doing good fighting back the non-sense.   While I am not ecstatic with the choices that we had this year to vote for, I can say that I am glad that it was not Hillary that was chosen.  I had said that it would be no-doubt her that wins (despite how unpopular she is), but lo-and-behold, I was wrong.  I admit it.  I didn’t have this one correct for once.  I usually have these elections pegged.  I spoke about what changed in the election since I made my prediction in this post.  

I was VERY wrong about the election results

I hope that Trump keeps his promises, especially about legalizing cannabis.  I also hope and pray that Trump makes Ron Paul the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.  Although I am more realistic than that.  I didn’t trust Trump and I would have much more preferred Rand Paul.   But at least all three branches of government are controlled by conservatives, and I think that will go a long way for positive change.  Progressives have screwed this country up so bad, and the American people responded this election!  I am surprised to see Roseanne move away from being on the SJW side of the political and emotional spectrum, but good for her.   As for Russ Belville, he will continue to shill around for sponsors, to support his non-existent audience, and will continue to support regressive legislation to appease the NORML lawyers who need to keep a job.



Russ is bragging about getting top Alexa ratings in just two months.  But what he doesn’t explain, is that his traffic is fake.




To which I replied to him that his traffic is fake, and anyone can figure that out by just reading this short article on fake traffic.
Getting into the top 100K in just two months, after having 10 years of extremely low rankings, is just a sure sign of fake traffic.

I showed Russ Belville’s traffic and youtube success back in 2013 in this video when I compared my traffic to Russ Belville’s traffic.

2013 xCannabis Progress Report – We’ve reached one million people

I had a full time job working 96 hours a week, and I blogged only a few times a month.  Yet I had high rankings and far more traffic than Russ.

Now all of the sudden in just two short months, he is in Alexa’s top 100K?   ya right, I refer you to the article about fake traffic above.


Ron Paul Donald Trump Ticket

Could there be a Donald Trump and Ron Paul ticket for 2016?

With it seeming as though Trump is going to be the candidate for the Republican nomination, there are rumors of who Trump will pick for his VP, and for his cabinet.
There have been some stranger tickets in the past, and stranger candidates yet.  In fact earlier this year, I cast my support for Vermin Supreme, realizing that the elections are rigged.
I still believe this.  But to me these election are more than voting for the candidate who is going to win.  To me it is a statement of my convictions, which means when there are no valuable candidates to vote for, I do not select “the lesser of two evils”, instead I vote for who I think will do the job best, regardless of their ability to win.

Dating back to the 2000 election I put my chips in with Ralph Nader, knowing that he did not have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning anything that election.  But I supported him because of his sincerity and convictions on a national initiative process.  I did not believe in everything that he supported, specifically the abortion topic and some of the socialist ideology.  But I think it was about time to give the government back to the people.  I supported Ralph Nader for about 11 years, eventually switching over to a candidate that best supported my world view, and someone who I thought had more experience, and a better plan for being president, which was Ron Paul.  However even in the 2008 elections, I supported Ralph Nader.

So back to this election.  I do not support Donald Trump (alone), and I certainly do not support Hillary Clinton, and I think Bernie Sanders would bankrupt our country even further based on his “good intentions”.   So that is why I threw my lot in with Vermin Supreme, because he mocks the political process, and makes great points about socialism, fascism, and “free ponies”.

But I saw an article yesterday that clicked something for me.  There are rumors that Donald Trump may appoint Ron Paul as secretary of state.  I don’t know if it will happen, and Trump hasn’t announced this yet.  But it has some neo-cons nervous that it might happen.  Ron Paul’s foreign policy is the exact opposite of establishment politicians on both sides, taking a very non-interventionist stand.  A non-interventionist stand would bankrupt the military industrial complex who needs war to bolster high profits.

Anyway, I just wanted to put this out there.  That even though Trump is not my guy, if he put Ron Paul in as VP or Secretary of State, then all of the sudden I find myself supporting Trump.

Again, not because I even think it’s possible for Trump to win.  I think these elections are rigged to install people (like Clinton) from a particular bloodline.   But I would support a Trump / Paul ticket based solely on principle.   I will not support Trump without a Paul on the ticket.  But with that variable, to me it would be worth it in a pragmatic way.

This is the the article suggesting that Donald Trump may consider Ron Paul for Secretary of State;

Ron Paul Donald Trump Ticket

Ron Paul Donald Trump Ticket

Pot Matters: Trump on Marijuana

Ron Paul on marijuana, prohibition, and personal freedom

This is the video that I made about this potential phenomenon;


References from the video;

Ryan “xCannabis” on Barack’s cannabis promises

Cannabis Prohibition Nullification and the 10th Amendment  (also explaining how Obama was 6100% worse on MMJ patients than Bush in just his first 2 years)

Why is the left so silent about Obama’s wars

Kings and Peasants in the USA – How all of the US Presidents are cousins

Reply to NORML Live 2nd hour February 24th 2012  (explaining the Ron Paul issue to Russ Belville)


Clovis Star News Paper

Comparing real activists to hipster pot dealers


I have been frustrated for years when I work with or are in the same network as, typical pot dealer “cannabis activists”, who are typically no better than a corporate lobbyist for an industry or business.  The only exception that I typically notice, is that most of these “cannabis activists” are very demotivated and show up to meetings with less ambition to participate in law reform, but rather they show up in a guise of being an “activist” and instead slang pot instead.   Or they are there to make connections with clients, even if not directly selling pot at the meetings.

When I see folks like LaVoy Finicum who are ready to give their life for their cause, and are not there to simply peddle their wares, or to make connections.  But are there to participate in revolution.  I feel ashamed being any part of a cannabis law reform group.

I have collected signatures for many citizens initiatives, most of which failed anyway.  But in participating, I have spend 10’s of thousands of dollars of my own money, and yet in the last 20 years, I have not so much as sold one single gram of marijuana.   Because I am not participating under a guise of being an “activist” while actually being there to peddle pot.  I am actually there to participate in revolution, and to see cannabis laws NULLIFIED.

I have gained a new respect for ranchers after the standoff in Nevada at Cliven Bundy’s ranch, and after watching what went down in Burns Oregon when Lavoy Finicum gave his life to stand up for liberty.

I will still fight to get cannabis laws nullified.  But I will NEVER work on another “legalization” cause again.  Legalization could otherwise be translated as “give the government more control over cannabis than they already have”, rather than ANYTHING to do with REAL liberty.   If an initiative does not dispel and remove existing laws (and replace them with NOTHING), then in my opinion it is not worth fighting for.  Initiative 502 in Washington is a prime example of how legalization is a negative cause, as opposed to nullification which means to simple get rid of existing laws on cannabis.

This country could use much less laws, not new ones!

Thanks for all of those who actually care about liberty, rather than just furthering their own financial gains.


The Law of the Farm

The Rich and the Poor working together for a better future

I often hear about how “the rich pay no taxes, and those on the bottom pay all of the taxes”, and some people, especially so-called “progressives” vilify “the rich”, and talk about how their only motivation is to victimize the poor.  I get upset, knowing that it is those on the top are the ones that pay 97% of all of the income taxes, that those on the bottom use for survival in a lot of cases.

As I point out in my video, in 1913 our government who at the time all 3 branches were controlled by “progressives” including the so-called “father of progressivism” Woodrow Wilson who was president at the time, sold our treasury to a private banking system with no public accountability, in order to get elected, so that he and other progressives could push their utopian society on us with freebies and handouts for just about anyone who asks (including the wealthy).   This type of government intervention caused the wealthy in this country to be taxed at 94% by 1944, and this is when we saw a lot of wealth and jobs leave for other tax structures that favored their business.   We were #1 in the world for manufacturing at one time, and then the federal government started penalizing wealth, which in turn forced businesses to take their manufacturing plants to mostly Asian countries, as well as South American countries.

Now with all of our lost jobs, we can and do point to the rich and say “they don’t pay a living wage”, or “they are so greedy, they took their jobs overseas to save money”.   But we are not looking at the root cause of the problem, just the reaction to the cause.   The cause of the problem is government intervention, the reaction is jobs going over seas to shelter wealth from government theft.

We need to include the wealthy at the table, and we need to sit down and discuss with all stake holders, how to get our country back to our former glory.
We have been there before, so we know it’s possible to have a strong middle class, and lots of jobs and exports.   Prior to this “progressive revolution” we had that.   But after the “progressive revolution” we only have debt and government handouts.  We are not the economic force that we use to be in the world, and in my opinion that is a major national security risk.

No nation in the world has carried the debt that our nation is carrying.   Eventually it is going to break our backs, and then what?

It is my opinion that we need to stop vilifying the rich, and start including them as friends, and neighbors, and fellow Americans.

Video: The Rich and the Poor working together for a better future

Reference to links in the video;

Check the video for links.

I am posting most of them below, but there may be others to check into that aren’t below, that can be found in the video.

Regarding my car accident;

Cartoon about the Federal Reserve

Reverend Ryan on America’s lost jobs;

Two thirds of federal spending goes to entitlements

Social Security is slavery a video that I made;

Free Maine Cannabis

Marijuana Policy Project takes over the Legalize Maine campaign in Maine for the 2016 ballot initiative

There have been two campaigns in Maine working on getting signatures for legalization for the 2016 ballot.  In late October of 2015 the two campaigns “joined forces” and MPP’s campaign manager David Boyer took over the campaign that Paul McCarrier was leading.    Reference;  Pot Legalization Campaigns Join Forces on Merged Ballot Question Effort

Then this came; Marijuana Policy Project takes over the Legalize Maine campaign in Maine for the 2016 ballot initiative

MPP joined forces with the ACLU and took over the Legalize Maine campaign, and now they are working to destroy the campaign. They even hired an abortion activist to speak to the conference as the “Featured speaker”. To me, that seems counter productive to push an abortion activist in a VERY conservative state like Maine.

My guess is that they are doing what the ACLU did in Washington state with I-502. They are trying to squash the iniative that intended to bring GOOD law reform, so that they can come back and reintroduce a much more regressive initiative next year.

Mark my words, I doubt that this initiative will even get on the ballot in 2016. But in 2017, the ACLU and MPP will reintroduce a different initiative that is much more regressive.

Prior to October, there were TWO SEPARATE initiatives to “legalize cannabis” in Maine. And then MPP took over the other campaign.

Why? Like I said above, this is some dirty dealings like we have saw in the past in other states.

The ACLU did something very similar with the Sensible Washington campaigns in Washington state.  They played the whole “Divide and conquer” card, and came out publicly in opposition of the more liberal cannabis initiatives that would allow for more freedom, right before introducing their own initiative, that is called by many “Prohibition 2.0”.

The wording in the “CRMLA” campaign is some of the best “law reform” that I have saw at a state level, but now seeing that MPP has pirated the campaign, I expect to see it fail, and then to see MPP and the ACLU forge through in 2017 with a new and more restrictive campaign, that will appeal to their lawyer sponsors who rely on prohibition for an income.

Time will tell, but either way, I refuse to support any initiative that makes an abortion activist with only scant support for cannabis, their “Featured speaker”.

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(do a search for ACLU, and do a search for New Approach Washington, to learn about what has happened at the hands of the ACLU in other states)


This is our report on the campaign’s “Marijuana Summit” on December 5th 2015 from the campaign summit meeting.

This was our radio show on December 5th 2015, after the summit.   I spoke about other aspects of legalization that makes more sense.
It is my opinion that prohibition is illegal, and in essence cannabis is already legal.

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Christians for Cannabis, Catholic nuns growing medical cannabis

Christians for cannabis

I have been teaching and preaching about how cannabis has a special place in the Bible and in the lives of the people of the Bible.  References to cannabis in rituals, and healing can be found in many chapters of the Bible, both old and new.  The translation of the words that identify cannabis in the Bible have been properly sorted out, but rabbi’s with authoritative teaching credentials in Torah translation, Rabbi’s like Aryeh Kaplan who wrote the book “The Living Torah”.

Now in many areas of the world, as in the days of old, many devout religious people are growing cannabis for it’s amazing healing benefits.

This group of nuns in California is growing both high THC, and low THC medical cannabis strains.  As they talk about in the video, they explain how congress has recently taken high CBD, but low THC cannabis off the drug schedule. This opens up many avenues for patients in non-medical states to get their medical cannabis.

This is their website;